Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Back Again!

Sorry guys! I've been so busy with Christmas and everything - it's amazing.

I still don't have my Christmas shopping done, I still have one more gift certificate to buy! Ugh! Christmas has turned into a pain in my rear! It's too much work really.

So, here's what I got everyone!

My mom: I got her a fur scarf, a hair dryer stand (that she wanted) and a gift certificate to the Old Spaghetti Factory.

My Dad: I got him a silver watch and a gift certificate to the OSF.

My Brother: I got him some True Motion Lures and a Travel Fishing Pole.

S (my brother's girlfriend): I got her the Winsor Pilates DVD set (she wanted it, I'm not hinting at anything!)

Z (Oldest Newphew): I will get him a $100 gift certificate to SOKA (a skateboarding shop).

Snake (Youngest Newphew): I got him the RoboSapien.

Linlee (friend): I made her a basket of all scrapbooking supplies.

Girls at work: I got a cute little snowman candle holder and put chocolates in it.

J (boyfriend): I can't tell you because he'll probably get on here and try to find out what he got!

J is doing all the shopping for his family today (and for me, I think - I hope!). I usually do the shopping for my family and he usually does the shopping for his family (and then we just put that it's from both of us). Maybe we're cheap because my brother and S always buy people separate gifts. Who knows? But, I usually do try to spend more on the kids since present-opening portion of Christmas is really a time for kids! I also tend to spend more on my parents since they let me live in their house and I'm 27! Oh well, I'm sick of worrying about Christmas - I can't wait until this week is OVER! I'm just happy that I'm off on the 23rd and 24th - it'll be nice.

This past weekend I spent the whole day Sunday wrapping presents - and when I say whole day, I MEAN the WHOLE day! But I got everything done for my mom, my brother and me! So I felt like I accomplished something. Saturday, I went to L's and we scrapbooked! We had a good time.

Well, I'm gonna get back to work, I'll talk later!

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