Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Singing in the Car

Have you ever fallen to the overwhelming feeling of having to sing and dance in your car because an amazing song just blessed the airwaves as you pulled to a stoplight? And, at said stoplight, the person next to you looks at you and laughs with their friend in the passenger seat? Well, that has happened to me and I used to be embarrassed when someone caught me...not anymore! As of 7:00 a.m., November 9, 2005 - I'm going to just keep on singing and if I can (I wasn’t, necessarily, blessed with amazing winking abilities – I tend to look like I have an eye-twitch) I will just wink at them!

Why should I be embarrassed - because I love music, because I have the mental capability of remembering lyrics to a plethora of songs? Nope, THEY should be embarrassed! Yep, I said it - THEY should be embarrassed because they laugh at you for something I will (going out on a limb here) guarantee they do themselves, I just haven't caught them. They should be embarrassed that they weren't jamming to their own car stereo, but were busy staring at me in my car (I guess the inner-world of their car is outright boring).

Don't get me wrong, I think I used to laugh at people singing in the car when I was a giddy teenager - but apparently I had an inferiority complex because I made fun of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at that age. So, lately, all I do is flash a “thumbs-up” at them - I know how it is, I know that there just happened to be a really spectacular song on the radio when I drove up. I know!

So, my solemn vow is to:

  • Wink at the nosey neighbor that catches me singing and dancing along to a song in my car at a stoplight.
  • Flash a “thumbs-up” to anyone that I happen to be nosey enough to catch singing and dancing to a song in their car.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I know guys, I'm aware that I haven't been around in a few months, but I've just been so busy.

First off, the end of the baseball season was very busy for me as we were going to so many games with our season tickets. We went to the last-ever regular season baseball game at Busch Stadium (since they are tearing it down for a newer model) on October 2, and that was one of the neatest games I had ever been to. We had a great time.

Then the post season came about and that was just as crazy, if not crazier! My Cardinals clinched the Central Division, but lost the NLCS to the Houston Astros. Yes, I know there were so many bad calls by the umps during these games, but we still lost and that's how baseball is played. Had we actually showed up to play baseball, we may have won. But I digress.

So I, bitterly, watched the World Series. Part of me rooted for the Astros because they were our National League representatives, but the other part of me? Yeah, I wanted them to get humiliated because they were so cocky and thought that the World Series should be handed to them because Bagwell and Biggio had never won a World Series! All of that premature celebration by the Astros during games 4 & 5 of the NLCS had done me in. We used to have such a friendly rivalry with the Astros - that has all changed since they actually won.

But another reason for me rooting for the White Sox - the White Sox happen to be my favorite American League team, mainly because they are rivals with the Cubs like we are. So...the White Sox won and I loved it because they swept the Astros! All those ignorant things the Astros fans/trolls said about us being swept in 2004 came rushing back when they made it to the World Series. So, to see them get swept was bittersweet - I don't like to see ANY team get swept.

Now, before any Astros fans read this and assume that I hate the Astros, let me just say that I don't. I actually like the team, they are a great team and they have great fans (most of them). But, while hanging out on the Cardinals Forum, I ran into some of the bitterest (is that a word?) people in the world. These particular fans were under the impression that they should be handed their World Series rings without playing just because they had never been in a World Series. Well, I'm sorry, you have to play great all season AND during the playoffs to be worthy of the rings. My Cardinals played their butts off during the regular season but, for some strange reason they decided not to show up for the NLCS and they didn't even look like they cared. I don't know what happened, but I will be the first to admit, we didn't deserve to go to the World Series. Could it be that they HAD to get that old stadium down early on so that they would have the new done by April? I don't know...okay...I'm moving on...

For those of you that don't know, I started my MBA program at Maryville University in August. My first class is a class that I have always hated - Economics. But, I have actually become interested in economics throughout this class. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that my professor is a VP at Anheuser-Busch and all of his examples include beer, but that's what I'm attributing my interest to. I only have two more classes until this class is over - I'm so excited. My next class is going to be Managerial Accounting - another class I hated as an undergrad. I love accounting, but I didn't like Managerial Accounting at all - I hated it as a matter of fact. Then again, I don't think I was really trying to hard when I took it as an undergrad, so that might have hindered my progress in the class - I guess we'll find out in January.

What else...oh...J will be traveling a little after Thanksgiving for work. He's going on tour with a Christmas show. It will be good for him - he's going to Atlanta for a week & a half and then he'll go to Orlando for another week & a half. It will be good money and it might help him get on the entire tour next year - which will be so great money wise! So, I'll miss him and I'll feel lost for a couple weeks, but just smack me and I'll be okay.

J and I have been talking about taking the money he's saved for an engagement ring and pay off both of our credit cards - that way, we'll both be able to save all of our money (instead of paying on credit cards all the time) and things will work out a lot better that way. So...we'll see if we do that tonight - he's been putting it off.

We don't have much else going on now. My birthday was on 10/30 - so that Saturday J and I went out to dinner and he took me shoe shopping for my birthday. Then, the actual day of my birthday (on a Sunday) my brother, S and Snake came over so we could all eat dinner and then have cake & ice cream. It was nice.

A couple weeks earlier, around 10/15, I got my iPod Nano - I don't know how I lived without this thing before - I love it!

Okay, I'm worn out from writing all of this and I feel like I'm babbling - so I'll be back with something meaningful to say soon!