Tuesday, February 01, 2005

100 Things I Love

  1. The cold side of the pillow
  2. Animals
  3. The stars on a clear night
  4. Lifetime movies
  5. Romantic comedies
  6. Bear hugs
  7. Action movies
  8. Stand-up comedy
  9. Cuddling on a snowy day
  10. Cuddling period
  11. Free stuff I might actually use someday
  12. Scrapbooking
  13. A book that keeps me up until 4 a.m. because it's just that good
  14. Purple
  15. Freshly washed blankets and sheets after a long, hard day
  16. Freshly dried towels
  17. Boxes that hold my secrets and past
  18. Inside jokes
  19. Big sweaters
  20. Soup on a snowy or cold day
  21. Blue eyes on a brown-haired person
  22. Being able to help people
  23. Having someone play with my hair
  24. A good back scratch
  25. Movies that make me cry
  26. Movies that make me laugh so hard I cry
  27. Laughing at anything so hard I cry
  28. Long, hot showers
  29. Big, baggy sweathshirts
  30. Sweatshirt or sweater weather
  31. A clean, immaculate car
  32. Paying off a credit card - and cutting it up!
  33. Trivia
  34. Ocean breeze
  35. Buying a CD and loving every single track
  36. Weddings
  37. Roses
  38. Christmas trees
  39. Holding hands
  40. Going through old pictures
  41. Road trips
  42. Tweety Bird
  43. Christmas tree shopping in the snow
  44. Loving someone so much that just hearing their voice makes me smile
  45. Orange juice
  46. Watching TV
  47. Finishing a long, but good, book
  48. Finding $20 in last year's coat pocket
  49. Getting a handwritten letter in the snailmail
  50. Hot chocolate
  51. Mouth puckeringly sour lemonade
  52. Waking up to realize I have 2-3 hours before my alarm goes off
  53. Finding an ink pen that writes just perfectly
  54. Walking along the beach under the stars
  55. Green lights all the way home from work after a horrible day
  56. Chapstick
  57. T-shirts
  58. High Speed Internet - Charter Pipeline
  59. A clean room
  60. Flip Flops
  61. Traveling
  62. Getting perfect seats at the movie theater
  63. Puns
  64. Oxymorons - see the largest oxymoron list ever
  65. Air conditioning
  66. My dog, Koko
  67. My parents' dog Baxter
  68. My dog, P, who was put to sleep on my birthday in 2004
  69. Going to the bookstore and spending hours there
  70. Flipping through magazines and catalogs
  71. Pay day
  72. Getting email
  73. Accents - British, Irish, and French
  74. Reading other peoples' journals or blogs
  75. Music
  76. Driving around and looking at Christmas lights
  77. The Cardinals!
  78. The sound of waves crashing on the shore
  79. Sleeping in
  80. Sitting on the couch all day in my pajamas watching movies with Jason
  81. My family
  82. My friends
  83. Getting off work unexpectedly early
  84. Sitting at the kitchen table talking with my family
  85. Jigsaw Puzzles
  86. The game Bejeweled on my cell phone
  87. The game Bejeweled on my computer
  88. St. Louis
  89. Bonfires
  90. My younger nephew's giggle
  91. Finishing a huge project
  92. Sleeping with my heated mattress pad and the fan on
  93. Oatmeal
  94. Finishing my taxes in January
  95. Did I mention scrapbooking, I REALLY love scrapbooking
  96. When there isn't a line for the microwave at work
  97. ANIMALS!!!! I know, I said that one already, but they are most important!
  98. My iPod - did I say that already?
  99. Men that do NOT cheat - I find that very respectable
  100. Losing weight!

Okay, so, I found this list harder to complete than the "100 Things About Me" post (which is coming up next). Ugh! I know there are a lot more things I love, but I couldn't think of them!

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