Friday, April 08, 2005

Things About Me

So, I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found this...I have to put it on here because I'm a pack rat, and I REALLY want to keep I'll just put it on here. I'm sure it's a BIG OLE repeat of the time I did this before - sorry guys!


1) My name is Michelle Denise (middle name after my aunt)
2) I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri
3) In June, 2006 I bought the house I great up in
4) I was born 10/30/1977
5) I have a new dog named Koko and she's my life. She's a mixed breed, we don't know what. My dad found her shivering (in February, 2006) in a bush down by the hospital he works at, so I saved her.
6) I hate my voice, it’s too deep and nasally
7) I went to Mehlville Senior High School and graduated in 1995
8) My favorite teacher of all time was Mr. Wallman, my 10th grade History teacher
9) I wanted to be a Lawyer from the time I was 5. I’m contemplating going to Law School
10) I got my B.S. in Business Administration at Maryville University
11) I work at the local electric company in St. Louis, MO.
12) I’ve always hated school, but now that I’m done, I love to learn
13) I never once actually read what I was supposed to read in all of my college years
14) I worked full time and went to college full time at the same time.
15) I started at St. Louis University, & ended up at Maryville b/c of my lack of interest in school
16) I was once very outgoing and never shy – now I’m somewhat shy
17) I have one older brother, Sterling, he’s 35 (born 3/24/1971)
18) I have two nephews, Zach (14 - April 8, 1992) and Jake (8 - August 7, 1998)
19) I am now second-guessing my career choice, I am thinking I want to teach now…or do anything more meaningful than corporate business
20) I wasted 7 1/2 years of my life with a man I didn't even love

21) That man cheated on me
22) I studied ballet, tap and jazz for approximately 15 years

23) I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan!
24) I’ve never been in a hospital overnight
25) I don’t like coffee
26) I don’t like chocolate
27) I DO like Hot Chocolate
28) I had braces for 2 years; they were taken off when I was 14
29) My favorite color is purple, always has been, and always will be
30) I am extremely competitive
31) I love shoes and purses
32) I have a CD collection of over 500 CDs
33) I’ve never learned how to drive a car with a manual transmission, but I did steal my brother’s car once and drive it around – it was a stick.
34) I had over 10 piercings, all but one in my ears. The other was in my belly button.
35) I love going to the book store and buying lots of books – I have too many.
36) I am right-handed
37) I LOVE animals, all animals
38) My parents have a dog named Baxter that I once considered mine, but since I moved and got Koko, he is my parents' dog. He's a maltese and he's absolutely adorable!

This is Puff and Baxter
39) We had to put my other dog, Puff, to sleep on my 27th birthday, while I was in Hawaii. I picked Puff out at the age of 14 and I miss him dearly.
40) I love thunderstorms and I can usually sleep better during them
41) I don’t use any product in my hair, nor do I use a hair-dryer
42) There are many things I can write about that I can’t talk about
43) I remember loving the movie & album “Purple Rain” b/c it had the word “Purple” in it.

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