Friday, September 22, 2006

Some of My Pet Peeves

Remember, this is just some of them, I can't possibly think of all of them at once. I'm sure I'll be back several times to update my Pet Peeves List as I think of more. You'll realize just how big of a crab I am by the size of my List. Here we go:

1) People who place their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle, and then sigh dramatically and jerk it out of the way when they see me trying to manuever around their cart. Or worse, totally ignore the fact that people are trying to get by.

2) People who can’t control their children in public – they let them run, scream and throw items…or cry for their entire stay in the store.

3) When a friend or acquaintance retells a story that you told him/her as if it was their own.

4) When people still try to stir up a conversation with me when I’ve given, more than enough, hints that I’m not in the mood for idle chit chat!

5) When people use the “slang” word “irregardless”. Okay, does anyone realize that word negates itself?

6) People standing over my shoulder (especially when I’m typing or on the computer)

7) Distracted drivers on cell phones (which is about 98% of the population now).

8) Slow drivers in the passing (fast) lane.

9) Pushy drivers who tailgate (while not in the passing lane)

10) Hasty drivers who change lanes without signaling

11) Motorcyclists who race down the middle of two lanes, between cars. One of these days, I'm going to get the balls to open my door at the very last minute!

12) When J leaves empty soda cans lying around and then says that he’ll “get them in a minute” and 2 days later they are still there.

13) Outsourcing customer service to another country. When I’m having trouble with my computer, do you really think it helps me to talk to someone that has such a thick accent that I can’t understand what the heck they are even saying? Now, not only do I have computer problem, I have to figure the problem out with someone who I can’t even understand!

14) People who chew gum obnoxiously loud and pop bubbles every 2 seconds. It’s even worse on the phone – MOM!!!

15) People who try to talk to me when I’m clearly on the phone or they stand there and watch you while you’re on the phone and wait for you to get off – get some manners!

16) When J & I are trying to decide on dinner and he’ll say that it’s up to me – IT’S ALWAYS UP TO ME! I’m sick of deciding every time. If you ask him what he feels like, he’ll simply say “I don’t care, it’s up to you”.

17) When I’m walking into work and someone is right behind me and I mean, RIGHT behind me, they almost step on my shoes! Back. The. Fu%*. Up.

18) When people right in front of you don’t hold the door open for you – I mean, how rude can one person be?

19) When people apply their brakes a million times within 5 minutes because they're obviously scared to death to be on the highway or any other road for that matter.

20) When people speed like Andretti to get in front of you (in the passing lane), only to slow down to turtle speed once they're in front of you.

21) Probably my biggest and most known pet peeve is ANIMAL ABUSERS!

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Linlee said...

I totally agree.
#11- every morning getting on 270 from 55 this guy on his motorcycle zooms by and then gets his bike up only on the back wheel all the way to Tesson Ferry. One of these mornings he is going to wipe out. I hate to say it but before I freak out I'll probably laugh because this guy's got it coming.