Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Say Starve Her!

Okay, sorry guys, but I'm so GOSH DARNED PISSED I can't control myself! Read this and tell me this woman shouldn't be shot in the head! I just wish they'd get her in custody and then starve her for a few weeks - let her see what it's like to be dehydrated and starving!

What is wrong with people, I'm serious - I want to know! Tell me so I can fix it!

And, before you all say anything about the whole "St. Louis was named the Most Dangerous City in the Country" thing, this happened in Illinois - right across the Ole Miss.

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Spells Halloween!

Do you all remember that song? We used to sing it in Music class in grade school and I loved it! Lawd, I miss grade school and I miss music class, art class and school holiday parties the most! Maybe I should be a teacher - then I could make these memories for kids...but hold on, I have to rant for a few minutes...

It dawned on me this morning that Halloween just isn't any fun as an adult. I used to love Halloween, I mean who wouldn't love the holiday directly after their birthday? But, this year, I figured out that it's just another day for adults and that's a total bummer. We don't have costume contests at work (which would be totally cool if we did), we don't bob for apples, we don't do anything fun! Why? Because, as J would say, EVERYONE IS A STICK IN THE MUD!!!

Why are some schools and towns calling Halloween "Black and Orange Day"? Can you honestly tell me that a holiday in which kids dress up in costumes and run from house to house and ask for candy really offends someone? I mean, if it does - GET A LIFE!!!! When are people going to quit bitching just for the sake of bitching? I'm really irritated by this because my kids won't have the same Halloween memories I had as a kid. My grade school had a Halloween Night (I don't remember what it was called though) - they had games and booths set up, they had apple bobbin', they had a haunted house complete with spaghetti guts and grape eyeballs, they had costume contests - God they had it all! It was the best night. Now, I'm afraid schools will quit doing this kind of stuff because Joey's mom is afraid her kid will have nightmares because he crawled through the spaghetti gut and grape eyeball haunted house. Come on!! When are people going to quit turning their kids into PANSIES!!!????!!! I think it's utterly ridiculous. I guess I'll have to do all of it at my house for my kids because I don't think they should miss out on this stuff!

I mean, I was scared of everything as a kid - I mean, I was scared of Santa Claus for Christ's sake - and I wasn't traumatized by the school haunted house. Shoot, I wasn't even traumatized by Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhies or Michael Myers. GET REAL PEOPLE!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ten Miyyion Dolla!

Okay, so technically speaking, I wasn't specifically tagged for this, but I like it. Jen had it on her blog and I grabbed it, she said I could - so don't yell at me for copying! It gives me a chance to go on about how I would NEVER hurt an animal! :0)

For ten million dollars, would you run over a dog with your car?
HELL NO!!!!! You could put a human and dog down and I'd run over the human! Yes, I'm an antisocial personality and should probably be in prison - but God, I love me some animals! I would LOVE to meet any person that would say yes to this, really...come on, show yourselves! I dare you!

For ten million dollars, would you cheat on your sweetheart with his / her best friend?
Nope, that'd just be weird from then on. Besides, don't they call sleeping with someone for money, "prostitution"?

For ten million dollars, would you allow someone to amputate both your legs?
Nah, I don't think so...I rather enjoy my legs!

For ten million dollars, would you frame someone you already dislike for a heinous crime?
Okay, Jen, here is someone you know that is saying, "yes" to one of these questions - but, yeah, I'd frame someone I already dislike for $10 million - why the hell not? Then I could send a postcard to "Post Secret" saying that someone is in prison for 20 years for something I did. Can you imagine the Karma attached to that? I'd be screwed, but I'd be rich too!

For ten million dollars, would you give up sex for life?
Is this a serious question?

For ten million dollars, would you spike everyone's drink with LSD at Thanksgiving?
Ummm...LOL that makes me laugh thinking about it, but no I'd never do it, not even for $10 million. But, I can see my mom and dad now..."Mikala, why does your face look like a Kaleidoscope?" LOL Oh man...funny stuff.

For ten million dollars, would you eat three big bowls of live spiders?
Nope - I am 100,000,000% positive on this one. I've seen Fear Factor too many times to not have thought about this extensively.

For ten million dollars, would you say really racist things in public, every day, for the rest of your life?

For ten million dollars, would you answer a bunch of questions on your blog?
LOL I answer a bunch of retarded questions for nothing on my blog everyday - so of course, I'd take a cool $10 million! Hand it over beeotchs!

Baseball Talk Over Until April

Okay guys, baseball talk is officially over until April - well, I might talk about a few key trades when that starts, but we'll see.

Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday Dear Mikala!! Happy Birthday to me!! I will turn 29 at 10:11 pm tonight (I refuse to admit I'm 29 until 10:11 exactly). J and I went out to eat with B and L Saturday evening and we had a good time. B and L got me a baseball calendar for my desk (it's really cute, I gotta get a pic of it on here). It's red, it says "take me out to the ball game" on it, you stick the month and the numbers in the open squares and then there's a baseball sitting on top. Wow, I guess I never realized how hard it would be to explain this thing...but it's super cute! They also got me a red, sequined pen (I love pens)! THANK YOU GUYS!!

J left for Texas Sunday afternoon - he'll be gone for two months. I was kinda bummed that he had to leave for my birthday, but it's for work. I'll miss him a ton - our baby, Koko (puppy), already misses him. I had to buy a pre-lit Christmas Tree yesterday because I can't do all of that by myself. I have so much to do with our first house and the holidays and the fact that he's not here makes it all just that much more overwhelming. Oh well - I'll live, right?

Speaking of Koko, I've now realized that it's impossible to get a picture of this dog - she DOES NOT sit still long enough. I'm still tryin' though.

Let's see...what else is going on...I don't know, I have a couple memes I gotta do - as soon as I get caught up (my life was pretty much on hold for the NLCS and the World Series), I'll post my answers.

I guess that's it...for NOW.


First off, I know this is late, but my weekend was a little crazy!


Okay, so, if you haven't heard by now, the St. Louis Cardinals won their 10th World Series in franchise history Friday night (second most World Series wins behind the New York Yankees and most in the National League)! The score was 4-2 over the Detroit Tigers. J and I had the BESTEST time in the world Friday night and if I could I would relive that night once every week. The last time the Cardinals won the World Series was when I was just turning 5 in 1982 and I don't really remember it. This one, I'll remember forever! Plus, it's the first time since 1923 that the Kings of baseball could celebrate in a new palace. That's definitely an awesome "housewarming" gift! I am a little hoarse this morning and have been since Saturday morning. I screamed so loud, I thought my vocal chords were going to jump right out of my throat!

First and foremost, Anthony Reyes started the World Series off with a win and I think he deserves some hoots and hollers! GO ANTHONY REYES!!!

You know what? I love that Albert Pujols didn't do everything on his own - it showed that we worked together as a team and didn't ride on his shoulders. But, he did make an awesome catch and release at first base Friday night. He rolled onto his back and threw the ball to Weaver (who ran to first) while laying on his back. It was a great play and I was so happy because at first I thought, "who is he gonna throw it to?" - I didn't see Weaver running to first. Fantasmo!

And, speaking of Weaver, how 'bout that guy? The poor guy was counted out by the Angels and replaced by his younger brother, Jared, when the Cardinals picked him up. I was so proud and happy for him since he was the winning pitcher of the clincher game! He was definitely a Dream Weaver that night. WEA-VER! WEA-VER! WEA-VER! I believe he pitched 7 or 8 innings that night - that's awesome for a World Series game. I would have loved to have seen him pitch a whole game, but he did so well, I guess they wanted to preserve that.

The above pic is Catcher Yadier Molina, Pitcher Jeff Weaver and Pitching Coach Dave Duncan before the start of the game.

Um, Chris Duncan (Dave Duncan's kid) kinda ticked me off, but I knew he wasn't much on the field - he's more of a bat for us. He dropped a few key balls - but we still won, so I won't rip him a new one....if we would have lost, that would have been another story. Yeah, he dropped this ball...I wish he would have just let Jimmy catch it, but oh well.

What about my man, Wainwright? Now, I'll admit that last inning was rough for me - but he did it, he pulled us through to win the World Series! I love that guy! He's such a cutie too. He's a great closer and saver, I hope we hang on to him - I think he could be great, and I don't want Izzy back!

After we won, where we sit in the left field bleachers, they had a good five minutes worth of fireworks right behind us and it was great - but impossible to scream over! I think I hugged about 15 strangers and even told a few people I loved them - but the truth is, I loved everyone that night. I even high-fived a Detroit fan, who was very gracious I might add. He stayed for the dancing and the partying, he even cheered. Oh yeah, it was Superman (you know, the guy that fell face first down the stairs on Thursday night)! Idiot.

Eckstein, whom I've nicknamed, "Little Man" (only because that's all anyone talks about when they talk about Eck), won MVP of the World Series and won a nice, yellow Chevy Corvette (his first new car ever). I believe he won because of a few key hits that we needed to win the games. He even broke his bat in Game 5 - go Little Man!

They had a parade yesterday, but I figure I didn't have to go since I was at the game and already saw the World Series and MVP trophies handed out after the game. Plus, J left for Texas yesterday. But, I looked around and found a couple pics of the parade, see below. Man, I love those Clydesdales! Beautimus! Look at all those people and our gorgeous, new stadium!

So, is Suppan (the guy in the black shirt) friggin' hot or what???? Hand him over!!!

I don't really know what else to say, because it's a whole 3 days later! But...


Friday, October 27, 2006

World Series Game 4: Cards 5, Tigers 4

GO CRAZY FOLKS, GO CRAZY! We did, oh man, we did. What an awesome game!

I am lovin' life this morning (well, except for the monstrous headache I have)! Last night was a great game. I must admit I was bummed when they were up 3-0, but I just snapped that mentality out of my head and said to myself, "we're gonna take this game, we have 6-7 more innings". And, boy did we take it! Yeah, it's only a one-run game, but a win's a win!

I think Detroit's Bonderman did a great job at pitching and I think Suppan did alright. I think he could have done better, but he sure didn't let it get messy - he controlled it. God, do I love Adam Wainwright. I am so comfortable when he walks out to the mound. I told J last night that I'm starting to feel as comfortable with him walking to the mound as I do when Carp is scheduled to start.

I'm not really in the mood to give you all a play-by-play of the game last night because it was too crazy. But, let me just say, Little Man (David Eckstein) came through last night and I was happy to see that. After he missed catching a few balls on the infield, I was kinda mad at him (J and I aren't big Eckstein fans). I told J that he owes us and the second I said that he doubled.

Preston Wilson had a big hit and an awesome catch - way to go Pookie!

Oh, and we were down 3-2 and I told the guys (J and the guys we sit around) that I was going to the bathroom so we could get a run. Apparently, we can only do something great when I'm in the bathroom and can't see what happened. So, I left and I swear I wasn't even out to the concourse when Eckstein scored on Rodney's error with So Taguchi. I knew if I went to the bathroom we could do this. We did!

Okay, I have too much of a headache to even think...but, let's see what else.

Oh, I have to tell you all about a Detroit fan that lives here in St. Louis and has St. Louis Season Tickets. He wore Cardinals gear all the way up until the World Series and then he started wearing his Tigers gear. Well, last night, when they were up by 3, he kept screaming that "the Supp [soup] is cold tonight"! I was boiling inside, but didn't say anything (I'm a sore loser and very competitive - I'll admit it). Then, shortly thereafter, when we tied it up, he started shaking up his bottles of beer and spraying them at us. I didn't really mind, but come on. Finally, when we were up 4-3, he was running up and down the stairs in the bleachers and went flying head first into the concrete. He didn't get hurt and I did feel a little better after that - isn't that horrible of me? I feel bad for even being that way, but that's me. Then, he came up to me and said, "did you see me wipe out? I was like Superman" - ooookay. In the end, I think he slightly spoiled a few friendships with those of us that have season tickets around him. The reason I say that is because he broke/ripped the hat (a 1982 World Champions hat) of the guy that sits next to us. They all say it was an accident, but still. Oh well...I'll get over it and I'll be chit chattin' with the guy tonight - maybe.

Dusty Baker, the ex-Cubs Manager (so obviously a rival of ours), is a Sports Analyst and he was there with Chris Berman of ESPN. He sat directly above us in a pressbox type thing. He kept standing up and waving - we were giving him so much crap, I find it hard to believe he couldn't hear all the comments. I guess that's his problem. Oh, and, it was great because when we turned the game around and started winning Chris Berman was all swinging his imaginary bat, clapping, waving his arms and cheering for the Cardinals. I love it! J has a certain fondness of Chris Berman because, back in the old stadium (before I met J), Berman gave him the nickname "Mr. Balloon Head". Apparently, J was at a game (which we actually have this all on video) with his frat buddies and went diving into the "grassy knoll" in the right field bleachers to catch a ball. Now, you know those balloon hats that clowns make for kids at birthday parties? Yeah, J had one of those on when he dove for the ball. When he came up from the "grassy knoll" with "Balloon Head" still intact, Chris Berman started calling him "Mr. Balloon Head" on the news and ESPN. I believe it was on TV a few times. Maybe I can get the video online somehow and I'll load it on here. Anyway...I may have rambled too much today and I've left you with too few pictures...so I'm headed to lunch.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

That Just Sucked!

All I'll say about last night is that it just sucked. There's nothing like paying $10 to park and $60 for some food and beer to stand in the freezing rain and watch them talk about removing the tarp. If they would have played the game at regular time, at 7:00 pm, we may have gotten enough innings in before it started pouring at 9:15 (which is what time they pushed the game back to). Oh well, we met lots of cool people and hung out at the largest sports bar in town last night.

Apparently, the game was postponed until tonight. But, I just don't see the game being played tonight either. It's just as rainy today as it was yesterday, if not more. It should prove to be interesting. I guess we'll be there anyway - gotta try, right?

I'll leave you with some pictures from last night (these were taken by Mark Newman at Major League Baseball Advanced Media - they're on his 2006 World Series Blog).

In the above picture, I put a yellow square where our season tickets are - out there in left field bleachers.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Series Game 3: Cards 5, Tigers 0

Man, I have so much to say about last night's game, so let me get started.

The Carpenter definitely showed up with his tools last night! Chris Carpenter was the Ace that he is and pitched a shut-out 8 innings with crampy thumb and all. I gasped when the trainer was called out to the mound - I thought, "crap, he can't do that to us" and he didn't. He stayed on the mound and pitched another inning with no runs! I'm so happy he was able to contribute to our team in the 2006 World Series since he was injured in 2004. He was excited to start and he proved to be our WMD - little did Bush know that the WMDs were here in St. Louis and New Hampshire (Chris's home state).

My man, Edmonds, showed up with his "A" game too, hitting a two-run double in the bottom of the 4th giving us the lead for the night. I'm pumped that he's continuing to do so well in the postseason. I don't want to see him go in the offseason, so I'm hoping if he does well, we'll keep him on a 1-year basis; at least. I love that guy - eye-liner and all! :0)

Our lineup before Pujols was actually getting on base last night and that's what I like to see - that's what we need. I hate to say this, but I was also happy to see Encarnacion benched. He's been horrible in this World Series and I'd take So Taguchi in Right Field any day. Kiss my Taguchi!

Let me tell you how funny it was to see Carlos Delgado receive the Roberto Clemente Award at our stadium. Like it wasn't bad enough that we beat the Mets out - he had to come to the game anyway. And, look at his bandaged hand. Apparently, he's already had one of his reported offseason procedures - they surely weren't wasting any time. I guess that'll be their excuse as to why he couldn't pull through for the Mets in the NLCS. Is it me, or is that the fakest smile you've ever seen? Funny, funny stuff.

I almost, ALMOST, feel sorry for the Tigers because of that damn 3rd baseman they got - Inge. I'd be so ticked at that guy if he was our 3rd baseman - he's been detrimental to his team. That would, like totally, bum me out. If I were Leyland, I'd be benching that guy.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, Angelina's ex, Billy Bob Thornton, was at the game and he's rootin' for the Cards (he grew up a Cards fan in Arkansas). I saw where he said 1968 was the worst year of his life - he was 12 when we lost the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. I wish I would have known where he was sitting - I would have taken him some "French Fried Potaters, mm hmm"! I love Billy Bob!

Tonight we got Supp pitching against Bonderman - if we aren't rained out. I'm hoping and praying they are wrong about the weather. They originally said that it wasn't supposed to rain until late this afternoon or early evening and it's raining already - so hopefully it dissipates or blows north or SOMETHING.

Okay, I don't think I have anything else to say right now - but you all know I'll probably be back to ramble on about something Cards-related.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Superstitious Cardinals Fans

I found this article today - and, man, that's me, I'm a superstitious freak! As a matter of fact, I've been singing that song "Superstitious" for like two weeks. I wore the same jersey to every NLCS game I went to, I wore the same bracelet Linlee got me for my birthday, and I wore red Adidas socks. I also noticed that we'll win if I have my hair up in a ponytail from the beginning of the game. So, suffice it to say I'm superstitious. I can't say I'll do any of the stuff mentioned in the article tonight, tomorrow night or Thursday (then again, we'll be at the game)...BUT...there's this lady that sits behind us in the left-field bleachers and every time she leaves to go to the bathroom or whatever, we get at least 1 run. We may have to make her leave for the next three games (she'll just have to stand in the concourse). We ALL make fun of her, so I'm sure she'll get hounded this week.


1968 - Game 1 of World Series

The last time the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals met in the Fall Classic was in 1968. As most of you know, I was born in 1977 and, obviously, wasn't able to see the World Series in 1968...UNTIL last night! I just happened to be checking Fox Sports Network and I heard some baseball announcing from the kitchen. I thought it sounded weird and I was curious as to what baseball game could be on since the Tigers and Cardinals were off last night. Well, I ran into the living room and I watched the first game of the 1968 World Series at Busch Memorial Stadium. Man, it was great! I watched Bob Gibson pitch, Tim McCarver, Mike Shannon, Lou Brock, and Roger Maris at bat and I even got to see Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra) at Busch Stadium telling everyone that he was rootin' for the Cardinals to win it because Bob Gibson was pitching so well.

Bob Gibson pitched a complete and shut out game striking out 17 batters and Lou Brock hit a homerun. Cardinals won the game 4-0. But, unfortunately, we all know that the Cardinals lost that World Series and the Tigers clinched it in 7 games.

I think it's absolutely fantastic that Fox Sports shows these games - it's neat to be able to see how games were played then. Naturally, the graphics and pictures weren't as great in 1968 and the color was nil - but damn, was it neat to watch.

In other news, I went shopping last night for some Cardinals gear, regular clothes (which I have started to base off of Cardinals jerseys) and shoes. I bought two Cardinals jackets, some Cardinals earrings, a couple Cardinals things for J and then I went regular clothes shopping. I ended up getting 1 red turtle neck; red, white and brown v-neck cotton knit shirts; a pair of khaki's, two pairs of jeans, a pair of jeweled brown slacks, a tan jacket and a tan tank top. Then I headed over to DSW (God, I love shopping for shoes there) and I got two pairs of brown wedges and a pair of black wedges. I still need some tennis shoes, but I figure I'll get those online.
I think that's all I have to say right now - I'm sure I'll be back sometime today to post something else - so, 'til then!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I Got Tagged Again (and I think I like it, sshh)

I've been tagged by my favorite friend, Omaha Jen! Yes, I meant for that to rhyme.

1. Counter Clerk at Dairy Queen
2. Retail Clerk at Dillard's
3. Payroll and Accounts Payable Specialist at Tenet Hospitals
4. Telephone Clerk at local electric co. - had to hightail it out of that job!

1. Anything with animals
2. Anything with the St. Louis Cardinals Organization
3. Stay-At-Home-Girlfriend (SAHG)
4. Interior Designer

1. Murder in the First
2. Gandhi
3. Joe Dirt
4. Amistad

1. St. Louis, MO
2. St. Louis, MO
3. Grover, MO
4. St. Louis, MO

1. Lost
2. The Unit
3. Entourage
4. Rescue Me

1. Hawaii
2. Germany
3. France
4. Switzerland

1. CNN
2. MSN
3. StL Cardinals
4. Cute Overload

1. Mashed Potatoes
2. Hungarian Goolash
3. Ballpark Nachos
4. Baked Potatoes

1. Seafood
2. Brussel Sprouts
3. Candied Yams
4. Cheesecake

1. A ballpark hot dog or nachos
2. A nice frosty Budweiser
3. Some Butter Pecan Ice Cream
4. A Lava Flow
Sounds like these things would really mix, don't they?

1. Koko's boyfriend (a round monkey pillow that she humps every time she sees him - I know girl dogs aren't supposed to hump, but she does!)
2. Tons of clothes, purses and shoes
3. A picture of Waikiki
4. A cactus

1. Space
2. A fire place
3. A Tempur-Pedic mattress
4. Bigger closet

1. A black sweater coat
2. White tank top
3. Gray slacks
4. Black Wedge Shoes

1. Hawaii
2. The Zoo or Grant's Farm
3. Shopping for Cardinals gear for the games on Tues., Wed., & Thurs.!
4. At home

1. Dennis Leary
2. Kim Jong Il (To ask why he's so "Ronery" aka "Lonely")
3. Tony LaRussa (Because he's the St. Louis Cardinals Manager and because he runs ARF - an animal foundation - read about it by clicking his name)
4. Milla Jovovich (Because she's hot and badass)

1. I wish it was 3:30 or I was in Hawaii
2. I need more money for all of the things I want to do to the house
3. I have to pee
4. My throat is tickly!

1. Animals
2. St. Louis Cardinals
3. The Internet
4. Hawaii

I sincerely doubt I have four blogging friends, but I will tag the folks I know and if they don't wanna do this, they certainly don't have to.

1. Linlee who is pregnant!
2. Twisted Sister
3. Not So Everyday Mom
4. Ramblings of a Counselor

Remember, you don't have to do this if you don't want to - but it's fun.


Okay, well not really a blood relative "aunt", but it's all the same in my book! After a few trials and tribulations, L, whom I've been friends with since the dawn of time (maybe a little exaggeration) and her husband, B, are EXPECTING!!!!

We've all been waiting patiently for the results and the results came today that she is pregnant! It's wonderful news and we're all very happy and excited for them. She better have at least one girl! I have two nephews, I wanna buy girly stuff. I suppose I'll wait to find out how many babehs she's gonna have before I start buying stuff.

Oh the excitement! I can't contain myself - this and the World Series? I'm likely to start having heart murmurs!

World Series Game 2: Tigers 3, Cards 1

The Tigers stole game 2 with Kenny Rogers at the mound. I'm not too unhappy about this because if that's their best pitcher, we should be fine. Granted, he didn't let up any runs, but it was still a close game. They can only pitch Rogers 1 more time, so I am confident that we'll come back to St. Louis on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to win it all (yes, I'm being 100% positive). I believe we have Carp pitching Tuesday against the Tigers' Nate Robertson and Supp on Wednesday. I guess we'll have Reyes on Thursday and then, if need be, we'll head back to Detroit with Weaver. Just a supposition.

I'm not even going to go anywhere with that dookie that was on Rogers' hand during the first inning. It was washed off (so they say) and that's that. I still say he had some left on his hands, but what can you do? Who cares - if that's the only way he can grasp the ball in frigid weather, then so be it. Oh, and I guess after a 3-1 win, the Tigers fans are getting a little cocky because they were being a little less classy last night. I should have known they were quiet just because they were losing Saturday night. They started booing our players last night and I just think that is the most ignorant thing to do. Show some respect. Now it'll look bad because I'm sure some of our fans will be booing their players since they booed ours. Oh, the humanity!?

So, tonight I have to rest and get to bed early to start my World Series Game Stretch on Tuesday night. I can't wait.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sure Coulda Fooled Me

So, by now, you all know that the sportswriter I dislike the most is Dayn Perry. You've read the articles he's written treating the Cards like the proverbial red-headed stepchild, right? I'm not losing my mind, am I?

Would you believe this nut is trying to say he's a Cards fan and has been since he could walk? Read this post on his blog. He's gotta be kidding me. Man, I shouldn't let people anger me this much, but my Lord does he annoy the everliving crap out of me!

World Series Game 1: Cardinals 7, Tigers 2

The Cardinals, despite the doubters, took Game 1 to admonish the overwhelming belief that they would be swept in the World Series.

Rookie Anthony Reyes was amazing tonight, pitching 8 innings. It was assumed that Reyes would be the "sacrificial lamb" for a Game 1 loss since Suppan pitched in a forced Game 7 of the NLCS. Unfortunately, for the Tigers, Reyes came with his ironed bill and knee-high socks to fight, proving his ability as a World Series pitcher. It was either Reyes or Marquis and I was, certainly, more comfortable with Reyes. I've lost some confidence in Marquis.

The Cardinals answered Carlos Guillen's RBI in the bottom of the 1st with a homer from Scott Rolen in the top of the 2nd. In the top of the 3rd, DH, Chris Duncan, doubled to right allowing Yadi to score. With Chris Duncan on 2nd, I told J I'd wet myself if Pujols came up and hit a homer. Sho nuf, Pujols homered to right scoring 2 runs. The game was now 4-1. Finally, in a crazy 6th inning, Edmonds singled to right running AP home. Encarnacion was safe on a fielder's choice and an error by 3rd Baseman, Inge. Edmonds scored on the error as Rolen took 3rd and Encarnacion took first. On another error by 3rd Baseman Inge, Rolen scored (after being blocked by Inge) and Encarnacion moved to 2nd. Cardinals led 7 -1. In the bottom of the 9th, Monroe homered to left and shortly thereafter the game was over.

I don't know if this was just because they were losing, but it seems as though the Tigers fans have a lot of class. They weren't booing our players and they weren't ridiculously cocky - despite all of the pictures of tigers eating redbirds. They showed a lot of respect for the St. Louis Cardinals and that is very admirable. I haven't seen the tigers play much this year, I just knew they were on a mission. I don't know how their fans usually react, but I have to give it to them - very classy. I hope the Cardinals fans can respect their classiness and treat them in the same manner when they're in St. Louis.

Jeff Weaver will be pitching for the Cardinals in Game 2 in the Motor City's Comerica Park tomorrow night. Veteran, Kenny Rogers, will pitch for the Detroit Tigers. Hopefully, the Cards will take the World Series in 5 games so that I can be there to see them win it at home. That would be a great beginning for our new stadium!


World Series Article

This is one of the best articles I've read in a long time - even if it weren't about the Cardinals and the Tigers. I like Rosenthal's point and it's a point that the midwest has been trying to make for years. Just because a coastal team isn't in the World Series doesn't mean it shouldn't be watched. Our population may not be as high as the coastal cities (which I still don't understand what that has to do with anything), but we're still two great teams with colorful histories. There are several reasons to watch this World Series.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Can You Say "LITTLE BABY"?

**Warning: Lots of cursing**
So, I'm sure you've noticed me bitching about this "supposed" sportswriter, Dayn Perry. Well, he's the biggest baby I've ever encountered in the sportswriting arena. Now that we beat his precious Mets, he STILL can't find anything good to say about the Cardinals that beat his Mets. Doesn't he realize it makes the Mets look even worse since they couldn't beat this "worst team in the World Series"? Is he really that stupid? Oh wait, I forgot, it was all because Pedro Martinez is injured - whatever - sounds like one of his many excuses.

If I hear one more time about how we only won 83 games in the regular season, I think I'll have a coronary or an aneurysm. It doesn't matter how many games we won in the regular season. We were always in first place in our division, we beat the Padres for the NLDS Championship and we beat the Almight Mets in the NLCS - so, again, it doesn't matter how many games we win in the regular season, it only matters that we beat each team in the postseason. We deserve to be here just as badly as anyone else, if not more. This guy is such a little bitch, that if I was capable, I'd have someone break his hands so he couldn't type ridiculous crap like this.

Just because we didn't win as many games in the regular season as several teams that DIDN'T make the playoffs, certainly doesn't mean we're the worst team ever to play in a World Series. Has it ever occurred to this moron that TLR had an idea, had a reason for these things? Maybe he told his team not to work their asses off in the regular season - just make sure we remain in first. Then, come out in the postseason and kick some ass. Maybe he figured the last time we had over 100 wins, we didn't do as well in the postseaon...maybe, just maybe, he had a plan. As I mentioned before, TLR is known for his mind games.

This pricktard has come up with every excuse in the book as to why we are where we are. You know what they say about excuses? They're like assholes, everyone has one. Get over it, we beat the Pads, we beat the precious Mets and we're headed to the World Series. We only won 83 regular season games and apparently, that's all we had to win, fuckin' prick. You can blame the weak NL Central, and you can say ALL of our opponents were weak, the point is...we're in Detroit and the Mets aren't! Wahhhhh!

A More Subdued Cardinals Post


I realize I was a little too amped to write anything intelligent last night, and as promised, here is the more coherent post regarding Game 7 and the Fall Classic.

In case you haven't heard (which, come on, you had to have heard), the St. Louis Cardinals are headed to Detroit for Game 1 of the World Series! That's right, the Cardinals beat the Great Mets despite the most underwhelming media support I've ever seen.

It was 1-0 Mets in the 2nd, then top of the 2nd, Ronnie Belliard laid down a safety squeeze to run Edmonds in - now it's tied 1-1. It would stay tied 1-1 well into the 9th inning. What a nail biting game.

What's up with them not pitching to Pujols? They were so confident that our team merely rides on Pujols' shoulders - this goes to prove our team has gelled and is great as a whole. I love seeing that. I love knowing that our team is a team and the team is not based on one or two super stars.

Let me just say that it doesn't get any more intense than having Carlos "On The BelTRAIN" Beltran, the Mets power hitter, at bat with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Wainwright's strikeout of Beltran was baseball at its best. I told you I love that little guy - Wainwright is a God in my book (well, actually, I'm thinking our whole bullpen is perfect at this point - granted, Reyes was a little too nervous, but it happens in your first postseason game).

Wainwright & Molina celebrate after striking out Carlos Beltran

Count 'em, two, two times we showed Carlos Beltran what our team is capable of doing in a Game 7 of the NLCS. Once in 2004 against the Astros (who had Beltran at that time) and once again last night. I love it, I love that he stood with his arms crossed last Saturday like he was a little menstrual bitch! Go home and keep your arms crossed until April, you baby.

I will, however, give my hats off to the Mets for a powerful fight. They were ready to win and they wanted it pretty badly. And, did you see that catch of Rolen's definite homerun by Endy Chavez? That was crazy. I could almost hear Rolen say, "I was robbed"!

It's just too bad they didn't have a MVP like Jeff Suppan. We had the Jeffs (Weaver & Suppan), they had the Carloses (Beltran and Delgado) and the Jeffs prevailed! It, finally, makes me believe baseball is a game best laid upon the pitching staff.

I have an overwhelming feeling that we just might win it all. Larussa and Leyland are good buddies and this should be a fantastic World Series.

Suppan getting doused with beer after becoming the NLCS MVP!

P.S. Man, I LOVE seeing Fernando Vina as a Cardinals Analyst. He was my favorite Cardinal during his time here in St. Louis and we got him as an Analyst (hot off his disabled list career with who? The Detroit Tigers). I love that man and I love him even more when he was asked who he would cheer for in the World Series and he said, "[he's] cheering for the St. louis Cardinals" because of how much he loved the fans in St. Louis and the ball club as a whole. He said his St. Louis Cardinals team and management always stuck by him. Love ya Vina! I still wear your jersey from time to time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the New York Mets to get the Hell Yadier!

The Cards are headed to Detroit for Game 1 of the World Series on Saturday!!!

I'm sooo pumped right now that I can't write anything except that we made it baby!



All that arrogance and ignorance at the city of St. Louis's expense didn't help too much, did it? And, y'all can call us the underdog all you want, we were the underdogs in the NLDS and the NLCS and despite all of that, we came to fight and fight we did!

I almost felt sorry for New York fans, but, NAH, I lied!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Jeff Suppan was the MVP of the series and let me just say - he, most definitely deserves it. However, I am surely thinking it's a co-MVP situation because Yadi Molina kicked their asses too. His two-run homerun put us over!!

Okay, like I said, I'm way too pumped right now - I'll fill y'all in on the rest tomorrow morning - with pictures!


Mets 4, Cards 2

So, we have been forced to a Game 7. You all will be surprised to hear that I went to sleep last night at around 8:00, therefore missing 95% of the game. I wasn't feeling well and I am at home sick today. My voice is almost gone, my eyes were swollen shut and I have nasal and chest congestion. So, I don't have much to write about the game last night except that the Mets came to fight last night and we didn't. Congrats to the Mets! Nice game - I told you all that Jose Reyes was a wily charachter! We'll see you tonight. It's a do or die for both teams. Game 7's are always the best games to watch and hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for it tonight.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogosphere, I Apologize...(and ramble at the same time)

I have to apologize to those of you that read my blog (the few of you there are) and aren't too, terribly, interested in sports - ahem, Jen. I realized that I haven't really written much else except Cardinals-centered posts. Truth be told, my whole life is centered around the Cardinals right now and it, most likely, will be for the rest of October. I will try to act like there is a world outside the St. Louis Cardinals from now on - as hard as it may be, I will do that for you :0) If you all cheer and pray that the Cards win tonight, I'll have a couple days off since the World Series doesn't start until Saturday. **Hint, Hint**

Tonight should be pretty interesting because I'm going to have to find a way to flip back and forth between the game and Lost (our TiVo is acting up - or we just can't get it working right since we bought the new TV). It's okay. I can do it, I'm a quick flipper!

On a related Mets vs. Cardinals note, “orange’ must be a hard word for most to pronounce because I hear the word pronounced as “oinge” more than I hear “orange”. What happens to that “r” and the "a"? (How this is related to the Mets vs. Cardinals is because the Mets' colors are blue and “oinge”).

Oh, and this is my 150th post! Woo hoo!

Dream Weaver and Pookie Wilson


Last night proved to be one of the best games I had been to in recent years (excluding 2004's NLCS Game 7 win). We had the best time and the fans finally brought their spirit last night - wild, wild crowd.

The bullpen was on fire last night, we were bound and determined. Obviously, I've grown great confidence in Weaver, and he is more impressive in every postseason game I see. His only glitch was Jose Valentin's two-run double - but the bullpen stopped it there. Josh Kinney even came to fight last night and I was glad to see that. But, let me just say, I love Adam Wainwright. Wainwright is another guy that I believe in wholeheartedly. Our bullpen was able to keep the Mets' best hitters at bay (Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and that wily little Jose Reyes) and that is huge.

Albert Pujols finally broke out of his slump (I didn't buy the whole "his hamstring is injured" thing - I think it was just another classic TLR mind game). TLR is known for his mind games and that makes him one of the 5 best Managers of all time (per J).

I was so happy to see that we weren't scared of their "underhanded" pitcher, Bradford, last night. That guy can throw some crazy pitches and it's hard to figure out where they're going - but I think we got him figured out. I don't think Glavine showed up last night, I think he let his team down. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Since we have our season tickets in the left field bleachers, we have gotten pretty close to a few of the other season ticket holders there. Well, the guy that sits to the left of us (on my side) has got to be one of the funniest guys there. He was running up and down the bleachers waving at all the cameras, dry-humping anyone he could find and rubbing it in to the [two, count 'em two] Mets fans. Anyway, when Aaron Miles came up, I said, "now he can do something, I like him" and they both laughed at me and told me I was nuts. He, most definitely, got a hit - no RBI, but a hit no less.

My final "hats off" goes to Preston (aka Pookie - my own nickname for him since his stepdad is Mookie Wilson) Wilson! He broke our tie with his one-run double! Thank ya!

We headed back to New York for Game 6 tonight at Shea. Probable pitchers are Chris Carpenter and Josh Maine. I can see the Mets changing their pitcher though (even though they have no one else to throw in). I doubt we'll change ours since we're counting on clinching the National League Championship tonight. We have a 3-2 Series lead and the odds are that we'll clinch it tonight. Since 1985, teams with a 3-2 series lead are 10-5 in the National League Championship Series. Sounds good to me, but I still say we're takin' it tonight! Detroit here we come!

And, one more thing...Joe Buck can KISS. MY. ASS!!

This may be my favorite article that I've read so far. It's so true, if you were a Mets fan at this game, it would have been hard to walk away without becoming a Cards fan. Our team and our fans were ecstatic!

And this guy is total beeotch! This 83-game winning, bumbling team is beating his precious Mets and he's pissed off about it. Give me a friggin' break. Cry me a river. Naturally, it's all because Pedro Martinez is injured and because of the rain delays (that supposedly helped our injured stars). "The 2006 Mets will always be a better team than the 2006 Cardinals..." - sure doesn't seem like it. I'm surprised he didn't throw in a "the umps removed the strike zone" for good measure! Fehgele!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Game 5 Postponed

Fortunately, Game 5 was postponed until tonight at 7:19. I say, "fortunately", because it was a soakfest last night and I didn't really feel like sitting in that crap. Apparently, Scott Rolen felt the same way because he was on the news last night saying, and I quote, "I don't wanna play in this shit". Well, that's very eloquent. But, I don't blame him. I can't imagine it'd be real easy going out in torrential downpours to win a baseball game.
J and I were in Clayton last night when Linlee called to tell me that the game had been postponed. I was hoping it would be postponed since 98% of the streets around Washington University and the Clayton area were flooded. So, we're supposed to just use our tickets from last night for the game tonight. The weather is supposed to be much nicer - a high of 70 today with some cloudage. That's better than swimming to the ballgame since I'm not that great of a swimmer.
Jeff Weaver and Tom Glavine are both still scheduled to pitch as of now. Both gained an extra day of rest due to the storms yesterday and will be ready to fight til the end tonight.

Juan Uribe's Jeep


Juan Uribe sounds like he's a little jumpy - and I thought I was a paranoid schizo! The White Sox really are a bunch of Thugstas, huh? Well, except Mark Buehrle since he's from the St. Louis area (St. Chas. to be exact).

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Terror of Older Brothers

I was reading the "Haunted House Stories" post at Skittles' Place and she mentioned how her older brother used to like to scare her. This reminded me of a couple of times my older brother (6 1/2 years older than I) scared the ever-living crap out of me. Now, he scared me quite often, but I specifically remember two times that were, obviously, rather traumatizing (why else would I remember them to this day?)

I guess I should start this first story off by telling you about my complete terror of what might have been lurking under my bed at any point in time. I was deathly afraid of looking under there at night and there were numerous times that I had my mom or dad check under there before I'd go to bed - sometimes two or three times (you know the boogeyman could have snuck in there after my parents looked). Anyway, just remember this.

One evening, when I was around 6 or 7, we watched a horror movie. Now, I don't remember which movie, but that isn't important. Although, I now realize we probably should have listened to the rating of the movie and I shouldn't have watched it - but my parents weren't too strict in that manner. Regardless, it was time for bed and my brother curiously headed to his bedroom first. Thinking back, I probably should have known something was up. Eventually I reached my room and was getting ready to climb into bed. For some reason, I must have been feeling brave that night because, I didn't have my parents check under my bed. As I climbed into bed, I felt the bed shake a little and then "something" grabbed my ankle. I screamed at the top of my lungs, which brought my parents running. A few seconds later, my brother climbed out from under the bed laughing. Surprise, surprise - he didn't go to bed, he went to my room to scare me. Let me just say, he succeeded. That was always my biggest fear of the anything under the bed - that it would grab my ankle and pull me under. You know that BS about confronting your fears and how you won't be afraid anymore if you do? Yeah, that's not true. My brother proved to me, that night, that it was possible for someone to hide under my bed and grab me - he just reinforced my fear.

The second incident probably happened shortly thereafter. I don't remember if my parents were at work - my brother watched me after school because my parents didn't get home until 5:15 pm. All I know is that I was taking a bath and my brother came crashing through the door with a Butcher knife in the air similar to the "shower scene" in Psycho. Granted, this wasn't as terrifying as the "under the bed" incident, but it quickly taught me to lock the door when I take a bath or shower. And, to this day, I still have a fear of someone entering the bathroom while I shower or bathe. I have been known to watch the reflection of the entire bathroom in the chrome fan on the ceiling while I shower. Yeah, I'm a freak - it's alright, you all can talk about it.

I have to say, girls with older brothers usually turn out to be pretty tough - they have to in order to survive the older brother. Trust me.

Even Stevens

Warning: This post will seem to ramble because I can't keep my thoughts straight - I have so much angst from last night's game. So...

The Cards were pounced on like a Wildebeest by a Crocodile! Mets take game 4, 12 to friggin' 5! We were absolutely fine until they hit 6 runs in one ridiculous inning. That's what I get for saying that the most they had scored in the NLCS so far was 6, I'll keep my big, ole, fat mouth shut.

Yadi has been on fire in this series and, oh, how I love seeing that.

And, can I just say that I canNOT stand that guy that pitches sideways - it's almost illegal because he, pretty much, pitches underhanded (can anyone say softball?)

Regardless, congratulations to the Mets for an amazing win. I tried being superstitious and wearing the same jersey and bracelet that I wore Saturday night - apparently, that doesn't work. I've been trying to wear my Edmonds jersey a lot since God knows what they'll do with him after this season - his contract is up in 2007. I can't imagine any reason we'd get rid of him, but Cardinals management and ownership has done crazier things.

Tonight, we have Weaver and Glavine pitching - so it'll be a close game. I'm still 100% confident that we can take Game 5 and head back to New York for the clinch. The series is tied 2-2.

Go Cards! Go Weaver!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gotham vs. Gateway

Now that was a fun game - we had the best time tonight! My hat's off to Suppan (well, I don't have a hat on, but if I did it would be off to Sup!) He was, definitley, the MVP of tonight's game by far. Not only did he pitch perfectly - he hit our solo homerun! Love ya Sup!

And, Spiezio is really starting to make my heart throb. You'd be surprised how many people had little Cardinal-red beards tonight. He hit, I believe, another two-run triple and it was fantastic.

I got a picture on my phone of Beltran with his arms crossed like a little baby (out in left-field). When I find my cord to the phone, I'll put it up here. He was so pissed and I loved it. I know, I gotta chill though, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

We still have 2 more games to go and I hope we can pull it off and sweep them here at home. J and I are going to tomorrow's game and Monday's game. If we can win tomorrow AND Monday, that'll be the second time we've been there to see the Cards take the NLCS and head off to the World Series. In 2004, we were at game 7 when the Cards took the NLCS from the Astros and it was the best time I've ever had at a game. I'd love to see it happen again - only this time, I'd like to see a better ending to the WS.

I hate to say this, but I'm still waiting for Albert to come alive in this series - he's been pretty somber. But, I'm confident that he's just waiting until we, absolutely, need him (he always comes through for us).

Anthony Reyes will be pitching his first postseason game tomorrow night and I'm praying that he does well. The kid is so excited to be pitching in a postseason game and I'd love to see him do well. I wanna say he's only pitched 21 MLB games, so this is pretty huge for him. He was left off of the roster for the NLDS and finally got his chance in the NLCS. In the past, Reyes has done very well after a rest as long as he's had this month. I can't wait to see that pay off again tomorrow night.

I think this picture says it all - my sentiments exactly Sup! The scoreboards read "Gotham vs. Gateway" and Gateway ruled. This Game 3 victory leaves us with a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series. Now let's just keep it up for two more games. GO CARDS!!

Oh yeah, it was a treat to have Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sing God Bless America. I think he's got a concert here tomorrow night and he was in town for the game. I didn't know he'd be there, so it was a nice surprise.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cards Take Game 2, 9-6!

Last night was a rough game. It was back and forth and those kind of games give me an ulcer. And, I'll be the first to say that I, surely, didn't expect So Taguchi to homer! You're Sooooo Taguchi!

I'm so, very, proud of him and I'm happy he could make such a difference for us. Congrats So!

Jimmy got on the board and then Spiezio's two-run triple made me want to do back flips! And, So sewed it up for us - again, totally unexpected, but pleasantly surprised.

The Cards will be playing Game 3 against the Mets tonight and I will be there. Suppan is pitching and I have confidence that we can take this game too. Go Cards!

OH! And, look who changed his tone towards the Cards - read this article and then read my post entitled "David & Goliath?". Now, it's obvious he's still in it for the Mets, but he surely doesn't sound as arrogant, ignorant and confident as he did before the series started. Granted, they could still win it all, but maybe this will be a lesson not to be so arrogant and ignorant when you haven't even earned the right yet.


And, as they said on the St. Louis Cardinals Website, "Make it hurt 'So' Good!"

Friday, October 13, 2006

True Husband Confessions?

You know that blog, True Wife Confessions? I think it's a magnificent idea (genius really), but I think that might be the scariest blog I've ever read. With each confession I read, I get sicker and sicker. It just makes me think about what men would and/or could confess about. Think about it...if we have these horrible secrets and confessions regarding the one person in the world that we should be able to tell everything - what could they be hiding? Is there a True Husband Confessions? I can only imagine their confessions would be just as horrible, if not worse. I guess it just scares me.

Maybe that's my confession - I don't have enough confidence in my relationship with J to believe he wouldn't have anything to add to True Husband Confessions. If you ever met J, you'd understand why I could believe he's hiding something - he wasn't blessed with spectacular, conversational skills.

Does he specifically ignore my requests on purpose? Does he take an entire week to do laundry because he knows it drives me completely insane? Does he work so much just to get away from me? Has he not proposed because he really doesn't want to (not because of lack of money)? Does he walk down the hardwood floored hallway with shower wet feet in hopes that I'll walk behind him and fall? Does it really bother him that I've gained weight? Has he cheated on me? Does he think I'm stupid? There are so many secrets that a man could be holding onto.

I just wonder what hurtful, hateful, obnoxious confessions may be hiding out there behind our significant others' eyes. And, thinking about it - I've come to realize, I really don't want to know these things. As I've mentioned on my other blog, I'm not the "forgive and forget" type. I think our relationship would be over if he ever confessed to anything truly hurtful - even if it wasn't that he cheated. So, it's official, I'm absolutely afraid of TWC - but, naturally, I'll continue to read each and every confession with a deep, sinking feeling in my stomach.

2-0 Mets - Bummer!

I'm bummin'. Even though we did very well last night (with the exception of Pujols), the Cardinals still lost 2-0 to the Mets. Weaver did very well in holding them off though - he didn't let up any runs until the 6th - that makes me happy. Especially considering the Mets thought they were going to come in and steamroll us...it's not as easy as everyone thinks. We still have 6 more games and we usually take it to the 7th game in the NLCS. I still have confidence in my Cardinals - they are the best team in baseball (yes, that's a biased opinion).

Just a note, I'm still not afraid of Beltran - he's not THAT great. And, for that matter, I fully expected more out of Glavine. Yeah, we didn't get many hits and the hits we did get were in the air, but our bats weren't hot last night either. I guess I just expected a lot more from this "great" pitcher. But, they still beat us and I respect that. They didn't give up last night, even after it seemed as though Glavine was pretty tired. You could tell they were getting frustrated though. Regardless, congratulations to the Mets for a Game 1 victory.

I am happy to announce that Carp will be pitching tonight - although, I wouldn't have minded seeing Sup pitch and then Carp pitch in Game 3, but I'm not TLR. I know absolutely nothing about Maine, the Mets pitcher for tonight. We'll see how it goes. At least Game 3 is here...maybe I'll be able to go.
Til tonight!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

11 Books

Oh, this is so sad. I was tagged and didn't even realize it! :0) Sorry Jen!! I just read your first sentence and all your answers and then I immediately started thinking of what my answers would be, not even realizing I had been tagged! I know, I'm slow. I often wonder if I was supposed to be mentally challenged and God accidentally added a well-developed brain at the last minute because he thought I was someone else. I don't know. This will be rough for me, because I'm not a reader and apparently, I don't have a huge blog social life. But we'll see. I tag Linlee aka Little Miss Sassy, Twisted Sister, and Polly at Home Ec. for Grown Ups. If y'all don't want to do it or can't or think I'm annoying for tagging you, then, I'll just deal with the bad luck - I'd never know the difference! :O)

But, here it goes:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Night by Elie Wiesel

The Book of Survival by Anthony Greenback

Falling Up by Shel Silverstein

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The DaVinci Code (do you know how rich and stupid I'd be at the same time?)

I'll go out on a limb here and say any of those sex ed. books that pediatricians gave your parents to give to you - oh were those pitiful or what? Yeah, like I learned about sex from a paperback book with about 15 pages in it.

Inside Delta Force by Eric L. Haney, Command Sergeant Major, USA (ret.)
This is the book that the show The Unit is based off.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London (I never had to read it, go figure).

Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

I adored Shel Silverstein as a child - I could have read those two books (the ones mentioned in #4 and #11) a million times. I might have to go buy those books to make sure I have them for my kids.

I just wanna say that this was very hard for me, because I'm not a reader (I mean, I read magazines - look at magazines), but I never was a big reader - I get a headache too easily.

My Hawaiian Name

Funny, I thought my Hawaiian name was Mikala, apparently I was way off. Man, I sure do love and miss Hawaii - I wanna go so bad!

Your Hawaiian Name is:

Iwalani Noelani

New York Plane Crash Kills Yanks' Lidle & Flight Instructor

This is just surreal. It's almost as if I don't believe it. I mean, I know it's true, but really? Did a plane really crash into a building in Manhattan? Was Cory Lidle really on it? I'm just shocked. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his fans, especially his 6 year old son, Christopher. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the family of Tyler Stanger, Lidle's flight instructor.
This is so sad on two different levels. First, we lose a fine Major League pitcher during playoffs (granted, the Yanks were out, but still) and his flight instructor. Second, another plane hit another building in New York. I can only imagine what witnesses of the event thought or how scared they were. So sad. I hope they have a moment of silence tonight for him at the Mets/Cards game.

Rest in peace Cory Lidle and Tyler Stanger, God Bless You Both.