Tuesday, February 27, 2007

World Champions Return!

Okay, so you guys won't care for this, but my baseball posts are going to start up soon. The Cardinals are down in Jupiter, FL. for Spring Training and they're in Exhibition Play now. Now, I'm not normally too big on Spring Training because the guys really don't give it their all in Spring Training...so the REAL baseball posts might not start to heat up until April 1 - when we open our season with the frickin' Mets!

Here's our Spring Training Schedule if you're interested:

On a related note, I'm sort of bummed that we have Eli Marrerro back (we had him a few years ago too and now he's back with us this season) - I met him and wasn't too fond of him. Now, J tried to make me understand that it was because the guy couldn't speak English, but I still think he was a jerk (but, I gladly took his autograph anyway).

Let's see what else, oh, they're trying to turn my little man, Wainwright, into an opener and that makes me nervous. I really, REALLY liked him as a Closing Pitcher. But, I GUESS I'll let LaRussa manage his team...I'm pretty certain he knows more about baseball than I do, but I sure do like to chime in.
Alright, so Jen...just ignore any posts that have the "The Cards" label.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Night Already?

So, I really didn't do much this weekend - I didn't do anything that I had planned on doing. For one, I didn't really clean as much as I wanted to. Then, mom and I didn't go to the movies today - I was tired.

We did clear out the storage side of my basement (the whole driveway is full of stuff that I'm giving to a charity). The American Kidney Foundation is supposed to come tomorrow and pick everything up. That'll be nice - then I can start to clean up my basement so that I can get new carpet (or whatever kind of flooring I want down there) soon. I have so much to do around this house, yet I haven't felt like doing anything. I have a 3-day weekend next weekend and I sincerely plan to get off my ass and get some stuff around the house done...

Alright, well, I gotta go let Koko in and watch some of the Grammy's - I'll be around tomorrow because my boss in on vacation all week this coming week. So...

Til tomorrow!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I Love Cars!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Not too much going on guys...I sent J a certified letter today telling him that he has until February 22 to contact me regarding his car and his belongings or I'm donating it all.

I went out to eat with Linlee last night - we had a nice time.

Ummm....I guess that's all I have to say as of now...boring huh?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Tenth Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I'm Ecstatic to be Single Again

1. I can do what I want without checking with someone else first (like watching what I want on TV, eating what I want all the time, going where I want to go and listening to what I want to listen to on the car stereo).
2. I can decorate my house any damn way I want.
3. I don't have to clean up after a grown man.
4. I don't have to worry about someone 24/7.
5. Now, I have the perfect reason as to why I'm not married yet.
6. I don't have to worry about being stuck in a relationship with a cheater or worse.
7. I won't get woken up by someone jumping around in the bed.
8. I don't have to deal with someone else's morning breath.
9. No more sharing the holidays with someone else's family.
10. I can look at and flirt with as many men as I want without any consequences.
11. More bathroom space for my health and beauty products (no more shaving cream, men's razor, men's deoderant, hair gel, hair cementy stuff, and separate soap).
12. I don't have to pour any of my time and emotions into someone else, I can focus on myself.
13. Less presents to buy (no Valentine's Day, no other birthdays, no extra Christmas presents).

Now, don't get me wrong, I miss my ex and these things certainly weren't a deal-breaker (I loved the guy and these things didn't really even bother me - it's all about compromise, right?), but why not look on the bright side? Unfortunately, I have to force myeslf to focus on these things right now.

Happy Thursday Thirteen!

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