Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Favorite Music

Guess what! Here's another "list". Sorry, Tiny, I couldn't control myself - I had to do it. But, I thought I'd list all of the songs on my iPod so far so, you all could have an idea of the wide range in my taste of music. I can't say, for certain, that these are my favorite songs, but I don't download a song unless I absolutely love it. I still haven't downloaded over 1/2 half of my CDs yet, so there will be additions to this list quite often - I still have over 500 songs worth of space left on my iPod. If you need each picture to be a little larger, just click on the pic. I know this was an antiquated way of doing this, but I coudln't think of another way - any ideas? Maybe I'm just a little slow today.
Anyway, enjoy!


Linlee said...

Girl with the amount of CD's you have, you will never finish this list..lol

Jen said...

I love your music taste! :)

Twisted Sister said...

I love your music taste too except I didn't see any Bon Jovi? Hmmm.....*slurp* You'd never know I'm secretly in love with him would ya? lol