Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Long Weekend

I had a nice long weekend. It was great being off on Monday. I proved to be the laziest person in the universe this weekend. I didn't do anything Friday or Saturday. Sunday, I took the Christmas tree down and Monday, I scrapped all day and I think I might have vacuumed the family room. Kinda sad, huh? I didn't leave my house all weekend - I was inside my house from 4:00 Friday evening until 5:45 a.m. this morning.

I'm pissed at Jason, he didn't come home until I was in the shower this morning! He's so inconsiderate. He knows how much it bothers me when he doesn't come home, but apparently he doesn't care about what I think. I hope he likes it, because I am bound and determined to do it to him one night and see how he likes it. The only problem is...my friends are all responsible, so they won't stay out until all hours of the night and morning! Ugh!

I suppose I'll go home and scrap some more tonight. I'm working on our Hawaii album and I need to get it done! I have so many album ideas, but I can't get them all accomplished!

American Idol starts tonight, so I hear. I just like watching the first couple shows because they show you all the people that suck! I love it!! I mean, what is wrong with people? Anyway...

Okay, later.

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