Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Baxter

Today is my dog's 6th birthday! Happy Birthday Baxter!

Not much else going on.

Jason went and played in a poker tournament on the President Casino yesterday. It was his first time playing in a tournament at a Casino. He didn't do too bad either, he came in 4th out of 10 guys. He wanted to win so bad though. I know he did better than I would have!

Yesterday was so beautiful - I wanted to go home and walk around the lake, but about the time I got home it started to get dark and it looked like it would rain - but it never did! So, needless to say, I didn't go walk around the lake. Oh well, soon enough.

We watched the best movie last night. We watched "Saw". It was crazy. Regardless of how sure you are that you know who did it, you are wrong! I loved it! You all GOTTA watch it.
Then we watched American Idol and House - our usual Tuesday night. I've grown accustomed to my little TV nights.

Enough for now...later!

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