Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Okay, so today is going by very slowly. My boss is in Pawnee, IL today so I'm not as rushed or busy as I am when she is here, but I'm still pretty busy.

I forgot...last Monday we went to the Fox and saw Larry the Cable Guy...that guy is so crazy and funny - I ended up sweating from laughing so hard for so long. I love going to comedy shows.

My brother and Susan came over last night...we didn't do much but watch TV, talk and we ended up going through pictures of Jake. Jake has a project due at school that chronicles his life from the minute he was born to present day - Susan asked if I would help since I am the scrapbooker - so we picked a few pictures from my collection to use on the project.

I think the Superbowl is this weekend - doubt I'll watch - no Rams!

But, is the Cory Spinks and Zab Judah fight this weekend too? I guess I should know since it's here in St. Louis! That should be interesting...I'll tell you what...Cory better win! He's the St. Louis boy and Zab Judah flew in here acting like he owns St. Louis - don't think so! He said he was the King...whatever...Cory better win! Knock his ass out!

Ummm...I don't think I have much else to say...I know, it's sad. I don't understand. When I'm in person I can talk for hours straight...hhmmm...who knows?

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