Thursday, April 28, 2005


I've been so neglectful of my little Blog, but I've been so busy. Jason thought it would be great to have Season Tickets to the Cardinals, which IS really nice, but it's very time-consuming also. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the Cardinals and I absolutely LOVE going to the games, but there are SO many games. I can't complain, it's so much fun! Not to mention, the Cardinals are in 1st place!

In other news, I watched American Idol last night and I can't believe Constantine was knocked off. Actually, what I can't believe is that Scott Savol is still around. He's so disgusting...not just looks wise either - his personality is "missing in action". He doesn't have a personality and he's so cocky (with no good reason to be). I still think Nikko is better that Scott and that Scott should have been gone a long, long time ago. But, apparently there's someone out there that likes Scott - they all must be in the prison system! Anyway. I was on some online forum and a lot of people were saying that they were voting for Scott merely because Simon was "rude" to him. Come on people! You don't vote for someone to spite a judge, you vote for someone because they have talent!! Get it straight!!

I haven't really been watching very much TV since we've been at the games. I'm kinda bummed too, because we watched Part 1 of Revelations and we really liked it. We couldn't watch Part 2 because we were at a game and last night Jason was working. I figured I might as well forget it since we missed Part 2 anyway. Besides, it came on at 8:00 and so did American Idol. hhhmmm...

I had to fill out some paper work today...I'm going to start getting Immunotherapy for my allergies and I have to get the friggin' shot once a week! Ugh. It's a 5 year program too, that means that I have to get a shot once a week for 5 years...Oh well. I hope it works as well as everyone says it does. We'll see.

Well, I suppose that's it for now. Talk to you soon, hopefully.

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