Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Singing in the Car

Have you ever fallen to the overwhelming feeling of having to sing and dance in your car because an amazing song just blessed the airwaves as you pulled to a stoplight? And, at said stoplight, the person next to you looks at you and laughs with their friend in the passenger seat? Well, that has happened to me and I used to be embarrassed when someone caught me...not anymore! As of 7:00 a.m., November 9, 2005 - I'm going to just keep on singing and if I can (I wasn’t, necessarily, blessed with amazing winking abilities – I tend to look like I have an eye-twitch) I will just wink at them!

Why should I be embarrassed - because I love music, because I have the mental capability of remembering lyrics to a plethora of songs? Nope, THEY should be embarrassed! Yep, I said it - THEY should be embarrassed because they laugh at you for something I will (going out on a limb here) guarantee they do themselves, I just haven't caught them. They should be embarrassed that they weren't jamming to their own car stereo, but were busy staring at me in my car (I guess the inner-world of their car is outright boring).

Don't get me wrong, I think I used to laugh at people singing in the car when I was a giddy teenager - but apparently I had an inferiority complex because I made fun of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at that age. So, lately, all I do is flash a “thumbs-up” at them - I know how it is, I know that there just happened to be a really spectacular song on the radio when I drove up. I know!

So, my solemn vow is to:

  • Wink at the nosey neighbor that catches me singing and dancing along to a song in my car at a stoplight.
  • Flash a “thumbs-up” to anyone that I happen to be nosey enough to catch singing and dancing to a song in their car.


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