Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

Saturday was my mom's 57th birthday. Ever since she's had kids (since she was 22), she's never had a birthday where she didn't have to do anything or plan it herself. As pitiful as it is, I've never lived on my own where I could invite everyone over and my brother, quite obviously, is not the type to have everyone over for a BBQ. So, Friday afternoon, I decided, I was going to have a BBQ for mom’s birthday on Saturday - even though the house isn't finished.

So, I called my mom and I told her that I planned on having her birthday at my house so she didn’t have to do anything. She sounded kinda weary of the idea; I really think she likes doing everything herself. But, anyway, Friday night, I made a list and headed out to Schnuck’s. I got a cake, candles, ice cream, brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, chicken breasts and her birthday presents. I had everything. That's when it hit me that J is working all day Saturday! AGH! I don’t cook and I don’t BBQ. Here’s a shocker for you guys – I’m not a bit domestic. I kinda freaked out for a minute and then I finally figured out that my nephew could BBQ (he’s good at it) and I'd be able to figure out the rest. So, my mom called me Friday night to ask what time they (my parents, my brother and my two nephews) should come over. That’s when I realized I had completely forgotten about side dishes, I had the corn on the cob, but that was it. So, my mom said she’d make Potato Salad. She just couldn’t help herself – she had to do something. **Now that I think about it, my grandma was the same way.**

For her birthday, I planned on giving her a clipping of J’s cactus (which was actually a clipping from a cactus at Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West) and a restaurant gift card. So, I bought her a cute little pot and the gift card. We got home and I asked J to look up on the internet how to clip the cactus. Well, come to find out, you don’t just cut it and stuff it in another pot. Apparently, you have to have “gardening sulfur” to put on the open portions of the cactus to avoid infection. Whodda thunk? Okay, so, I’m not domestic and I don’t have a green thumb (at least I know two things I’m not – I can add this to my “Finding Mikala” blog). So, I couldn’t clip the cactus Friday night or even Saturday. I guess I'll have to run and get some “gardening sulfur” at some point. So, I just put her gift cards in a little bag and put the bag inside the pot. To jump ahead a little, she loved her gifts. She loves restaurant gift cards and she's been on J's butt for a while about getting a clipping of his cactus.

Saturday morning, I woke up and cleaned the house from top to bottom - I have a serious problem with people seeing my house dirty. Then, I took a shower and got ready. After getting ready, I figured I’d start the grill. See, J doesn’t believe in gas grills, we have to have a charcoal grill because, “its better”. Now, I grew up seeing my dad use a gas grill, so I walk outside and realize I have no idea how to start the grill! God, am I a loser or what? I frantically called J on his cell phone and asked him how to start it. He has this “chimney” thing that you start the coals with – thank God, it was relatively simple this way. You just stuff some newspaper in the bottom of the chimney, pour come charcoal in the top and light the newspaper. When the coals turn white, they’re ready to throw in the pit! I did this all on my own and I was proud. Then, I just had to wait for them to show up.

Everyone finally showed up around 3:30 pm. My brother, finally, got to see the house (which he hasn’t seen since he moved out) and he liked it. Around 3:45, I figured we better start working on the food. I didn’t know how to cook corn on the cob, I didn’t know how to marinate the meat, and I don’t touch raw meat (which you have to do to form the hamburger patties). **I have a phobia about dirty and/or sticky hands - I can't stand it, not even for a second.** So, mom formed the hamburger patties, she cooked the corn on the cob (which I did learn how to do) and she showed me how to marinate the meat! So much for her not doing anything, huh? Zach started BBQing and then his mom showed up to pick him up – so dad had to BBQ the rest. We finally ate and everything was great (no thanks to me). A little while later, we sang happy birthday over her cake (she hasn’t had that happen for well over 35 years). It was about 6:30 when they left. All in all, I’d say the first “function” at my house was okay. I didn’t ruin anything and I learned that I need to plan ahead a little more. I’m a pretty spontaneous person and I have trouble planning ahead. Maybe next time!

In the end, mom turned 57 and she didn’t have to do too much. Well, okay, she didn't have to clean her house. I’m glad. Happy Birthday mom!

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Twisted Sister said...

You are such a *great* daughter! :)