Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay, I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something – but what is the big deal with this game/puzzle? J’s tried to explain it to me a couple times and I just don’t get it. That doesn’t sound fun to me – maybe because it’s numbers (I’m not good with numbers, never have been, never will be). Whatever happened to good ole Crossword Puzzles or Word Searches? I like those much better. I know, I know, maybe I’m Sudoku-challenged!

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Michelle, I am too! Personally, I think the game is a waste of my time. I still do word-searches and crosswords though, they're fun to me. If I wanted to concentrate on numbers for that length of time, I'd rather be shopping and adding up my purchases!

To answer your question, Blogger Beta is okay, but it's definitely beta! It's irritating not being able to leave comments in people's blogs. Not everyone will leave it open for Anonymous comments like you and I do. And I feel bad viewing a great blog and then not being able to say hi! I know what that's like myself to get "window-shoppers" that check you out but say nothing. (Was it that boring?!)

There are things about Beta that I love, like how easy it is to customize the template with 'widgets' and change your basic colors around very easily. I love the labels especially! But the flaws outweigh the perks so far! And there is no switching back! I try to blog about Beta bug fixes that effect me personally, but so far nothing has improved for me. But, ya know, I'm quite patient and I realize it's still beta, so I wait...