Friday, October 20, 2006

Can You Say "LITTLE BABY"?

**Warning: Lots of cursing**
So, I'm sure you've noticed me bitching about this "supposed" sportswriter, Dayn Perry. Well, he's the biggest baby I've ever encountered in the sportswriting arena. Now that we beat his precious Mets, he STILL can't find anything good to say about the Cardinals that beat his Mets. Doesn't he realize it makes the Mets look even worse since they couldn't beat this "worst team in the World Series"? Is he really that stupid? Oh wait, I forgot, it was all because Pedro Martinez is injured - whatever - sounds like one of his many excuses.

If I hear one more time about how we only won 83 games in the regular season, I think I'll have a coronary or an aneurysm. It doesn't matter how many games we won in the regular season. We were always in first place in our division, we beat the Padres for the NLDS Championship and we beat the Almight Mets in the NLCS - so, again, it doesn't matter how many games we win in the regular season, it only matters that we beat each team in the postseason. We deserve to be here just as badly as anyone else, if not more. This guy is such a little bitch, that if I was capable, I'd have someone break his hands so he couldn't type ridiculous crap like this.

Just because we didn't win as many games in the regular season as several teams that DIDN'T make the playoffs, certainly doesn't mean we're the worst team ever to play in a World Series. Has it ever occurred to this moron that TLR had an idea, had a reason for these things? Maybe he told his team not to work their asses off in the regular season - just make sure we remain in first. Then, come out in the postseason and kick some ass. Maybe he figured the last time we had over 100 wins, we didn't do as well in the postseaon...maybe, just maybe, he had a plan. As I mentioned before, TLR is known for his mind games.

This pricktard has come up with every excuse in the book as to why we are where we are. You know what they say about excuses? They're like assholes, everyone has one. Get over it, we beat the Pads, we beat the precious Mets and we're headed to the World Series. We only won 83 regular season games and apparently, that's all we had to win, fuckin' prick. You can blame the weak NL Central, and you can say ALL of our opponents were weak, the point is...we're in Detroit and the Mets aren't! Wahhhhh!

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Jen said...

LOL... "pricktard". I love it.