Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I usually check the PostSecret blog pretty often because I'm intrigued by what people keep as a secret. Yesterday, I guess I got a wild hair up my rear, because I called J and told him to run to the store and get the book.

J spent about $30 and I read it in one sitting. I haven't made up my mind if it was worth the $30 or not, but I'm thinking it was. Some people reveal really intimate and devastating secrets like, "He's been in jail for 2 years for something I did, 9 more to go"; while others reveal goofy tidbits like "I wish I could find someone to love me like my dog does". What? Everyone wishes that! Dogs are very loyal and love you unconditionally. Your dog won't leave you because he caught you petting another dog and your dog will never stop loving you because of one of your personality traits. I guess my point is that what some people see as a secret is what others perceive as daily chitchat.

Oh, and I can't believe this guy, Frank Warren, is making millions off of other peoples' secrets. I mean, why can't I come up with something like this? I could put together a book of a bunch of postcards - why didn't I think of it? It's ingenious really - I'm just jealous.


Twisted Sister said...

OMG!! I could be rich too! I have so many secrets.....I mean real secrets that I have and have kept for other people that'd make your hair stand up on ends. You've got me thinking..........;)

Jen said...

I love that PostSecret blog... I dunno about $30 for the book though. Hehe. I guess it takes one ingenious idea like that to make a person majorly rich.

Ok, the vegetarian thing: it really is awesome. The thing about Indian food that I love is that they have TONS of vegetarian dishes on their menu. SO much to choose from. Unlike when I go to Applebee's and have to ask them to special order something because there is not ONE THING on the menu without meat.

So the cool thing about being a veg*ian, you try new things more and have a good excuse for it! I have since tried and fell in love with Persian food, Greek, Indian, Thai, and vegan cooking. All of which have mouth-watering selections just for veg*ians. It's not all salads and baby carrots and tofu. And guess what, soy burgers actually taste GOOD! I always make my omnivorous friends and family try my animal-free dishes, just to hear them say "wow, that's really good" as if shocked that someone vegetarian could have taste. It can!

Anything you are curious about or confused about, please ask me. I want to help as much as I can!! :)


Twisted Sister said...

Deal! ;)