Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Postseason Rookie No More

Guess what loveable redbirds won their first NLDS game last night. I love the Cardinals (I wonder if I could use that as a secret on PostSecret - some people do stupid secrets like that)! Anyway, can I just say, how about that postseason rookie, Ronnie Belliard? That was the most beautiful defensive play I've seen from the Cards in a long time. Turns out - that play, pretty much, saved the game for us. And, might I add, that it just makes me so happy to see how in love he is with our team. He is genuinely happy if they win and he's extremely bummed if we don't. I love seeing that. J's been telling me that he loves Belliard and I was growing fond of him, but after yesterday, I might love him now too! I hear the Cards gave Belliard the game ball for his save, I'm so glad they did that. One game down and Ronnie is a postseason rookie no more.

And, Carp! Uhh...first off, he's so damn cute! Okay, I'm done with that part, but he was throwing some nasty curve balls yesterday and I LOVE watching curve balls, they amaze me for some reason.

And, Pujols, need I say more? I mean, we all know he's the greatest man in the NL, possibly the MLB - now, naturally, I'm biased, but he ALWAYS comes through for us and I love him for that. His two-run homer in the 4th got us going and gave us the momentum. I love you Jose Albert Pujols!

Finally, I know you can't tell, but Rolen might be my favorite Cardinal and he always shows us something, but there were just so many great plays by other team members yesterday that I can't focus on him all the time.

Let me just add that I was happy to see Jimmy Edmonds play last night. He singled and that was great, but he looked a little dazed after his catch in centerfield. I love the guy though and I, surely, hope we don't let him go since his contract is up for next season. We hold a $10 million option with a buyout valued at $3 million. Edmonds mentioned that he does intend to play at least one more season and I know he loves St. Louis, so I hope and pray we keep him. He's having surgery in the offseason, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that we don't let him go. I can't imagine we would let an eight-time Gold Glover go, but what do I know? I'm certainly no MLB expert.

So, we stole homefield advantage from the Padres for that lovely display of baseball yesterday, let's see if we can pull off another win on Thursday! We're starting Weaver on the mound, so I'm pretty confident in him. J says he's not worried about this series, but I am. I'm always worried. I'm not relieved until I KNOW we've won. I hate to count my chickens before they hatch, because with my luck, they NEVER hatch! So, here's to a fantastic postseason!

We also watched the Yankees/Tigers game. We were rootin' for the Tigers and the last time I checked they were losing 7-4. I fell asleep before the game ended, but I believe it ended 8-4 for the Yanks. I like watching games in New York, because you see all of the rich and famous stuffing their mouths with popcorn (Donald Trump, I'm talking to you). It's kinda funny. But, it bothers me, why doesn't Francis Slay come to our postseason games and why doesn't Nelly come to our postseason games? I guess they might, but why don't we show it? I mean, even the Astros have President George H.W. Bush and Barbara...oh well, I'll quit whining.

And, I'm sorry, but I can't look at ARod's pink lips anymore, they freak me out!

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