Monday, October 23, 2006

World Series Game 2: Tigers 3, Cards 1

The Tigers stole game 2 with Kenny Rogers at the mound. I'm not too unhappy about this because if that's their best pitcher, we should be fine. Granted, he didn't let up any runs, but it was still a close game. They can only pitch Rogers 1 more time, so I am confident that we'll come back to St. Louis on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to win it all (yes, I'm being 100% positive). I believe we have Carp pitching Tuesday against the Tigers' Nate Robertson and Supp on Wednesday. I guess we'll have Reyes on Thursday and then, if need be, we'll head back to Detroit with Weaver. Just a supposition.

I'm not even going to go anywhere with that dookie that was on Rogers' hand during the first inning. It was washed off (so they say) and that's that. I still say he had some left on his hands, but what can you do? Who cares - if that's the only way he can grasp the ball in frigid weather, then so be it. Oh, and I guess after a 3-1 win, the Tigers fans are getting a little cocky because they were being a little less classy last night. I should have known they were quiet just because they were losing Saturday night. They started booing our players last night and I just think that is the most ignorant thing to do. Show some respect. Now it'll look bad because I'm sure some of our fans will be booing their players since they booed ours. Oh, the humanity!?

So, tonight I have to rest and get to bed early to start my World Series Game Stretch on Tuesday night. I can't wait.


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tiffany said...

if it makes you feel any better, i was there last night and i yelled at the people who were booing.
ok, so only like 5 people could hear me...but i tried.

except, i have to admit that i did join in (or try to start) the 'weeee-ver' chanting.

but, for the record, i totally love weaver. we just had to do that because of the history.
i think he probably didn't care.

i could go on, but i have a world series hangover and i think i need a nap.