Monday, November 27, 2006

Camera Pics

I decided to show you guys what I take pictures of...I'm just going to post what is on my camera as we speak. They are pretty boring unless you're J - most of these were taken and sent to J (since he's out of town and won't be home until after New Year's). I try to show him our Christmas ya go.

First off are my favorite ornaments this year (sent to J).

Then, ya got my living room:

My very SMALL house (I don't like a lot of decorations, because it will end up looking horrific).

And, finally, my little Beanie - with freaky eyes!


Linlee said...

Your house looks great! I love what you've done to it. I have that same M ornament on my tree!

Mikala said...

Yeah, I wanted to get the "B" too, but they didn't have it when I was there - I might try to go back or get online and get it.

Thanks - it's still "under construction" though (that's why the living room is all I can show. :0) Ironic how that's the first room we finished too (gotta have the TV room ready!).

Skittles said...

What beautiful pictures! I even like the Cards one ;)

Your home is lovely and it looks so warm and inviting! Beanie is adorable even with those demon eyes :)

Mikala said...

Thanks Skittles! Wow, you must be softening up :0)

Yeah, I tried to make it warm and inviting (since I like contemporary decor, I was afraid it'd be difficult to do that, contemporary can be so hard and cold). Thank you!

I hate when her eyes do that - I mean, I know it happens with all dogs, but I hate being forced to fix almost every picture of hers. Oh well, she's still my babeh!

Jen said...

Omg Mikala, you have the cutest furniture EVER!!!

Twisted Sister said...

I LOVE your house! I also love those initial Christmas ornaments....tell, tell, tell, where ya got them? I'm kind of an ornament freak. Well, most people who know me would say I'm just a freak. :p BUT I am a nice freak. ;)


Mikala said...

Thanks Jen, it took me a long time to find it! We looked EVERYWHERE!

Dee...I got them at Target. Freaks are fun! I'm a freak too! I like other freaks!

Twisted Sister said...

Freaks of the world unite! :)

Thanks! Off to Target....after I take a xanax. lol