Monday, November 13, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Thanks to our wonderful Veterans, I had a 3-day weekend last weekend. Friday, I woke up and decided that I should watch TV since I don't usually get to see daytime TV. I watched Montel which was about Transgendered people (can ya believe they had a 6 year old on there?). Then, I watched Jeopardy - I love me some Jeopardy! What else did I watch? God, I don't remember. Must not have been very good, huh?

Anyway, Friday night it stormed and my power went out. That was fun. Luckily, it came back on about 30 minutes later. But, the problem is that my pilot went out on my furnace and I didn't realize it until Saturday night after I froze all day. I had to have my dad come over late Saturday night to relight the pilot. Now I feel special because I know how to light the pilot on my furnace. I felt kinda retarded Saturday when I had my dad drive 45 minutes to do it for me - seeing as how I work at the local electric/gas company. You'd think I'd know how to light a pilot, right? Nope, I didn't. But, now I do! Now, I know how to read the meters (elec. & gas), I know how to check for gas leaks (at the meter), I know how to change the filter on the furnace, and I know how to check the pilot (and light if necessary) on the furnace and water heater. Can you say, "EMPOWERED WOMAN"?

Sunday, my mom and I went shopping for Christmas decorations. I needed everything since this is my first Christmas on my own. We went to Garden Ridge (is it okay to say that on here?) and I spent way more than I should have. I bought tons of ornaments, a skirt for the Christmas Tree, some little decorative pieces, a wreath, some garland and a few other trinkets. Let me tell ya, it was fun! Then, from Garden Ridge, we ran over to Target (I love their house stuff). I spent more there than I spent at Garden Ridge. Have I ever told you guys how much of a bad influence my mom is with money? She's one of those "Oh just buy it, it's cute" types. Yeah, I end up throwing everything in the cart. I wound up getting more ornaments, candles and some T-shirts to sleep in at Target (along with some stuff I had to send to J). It was a very expensive day for me yesterday. Oh well - it was fun.

So, that brings me to this lovely Monday! At least it's Monday AFTERNOON now. I need to go home and clean, but I dread it so much! I'm sure I'll talk myself out of it by the time I get home.

Okay, I've rambled for way too long now. TTFN


Barb said...

I am SO happy for you!!! We all need to do that once and a while.

Barb said...

You've been tagged with the "Ten Things" Meme!!!

Ireland said...

I LOVE me the Target! I can spends millions in there *easy* X-Mas shopping is so fun! I won't be doing much this year as I am moving into my new house mid December. *YAY* I'll just have to go to someone elses house ;0)
Glad you enjoyed your time off! Now go clean that house. LOL

Twisted Sister said...

Woman, I went to Belk yesterday and busted me up some bargains! Shopping Rules! ;)