Monday, November 20, 2006

My Thanksgiving Horoscope

Thanksgiving Horoscope for Scorpio
You're the sign most likely to start a family fight.
Your signature dish: Cranberry sauce
Your signature dessert: Cherries jubilee
This holiday: Keep busy baking pies or taking wagers on the football game. It's best for you to stay out of any drama!

Believe it or not, YES this is me! As a matter of fact, I think I might have started a fight last year! :0) Leave it to me. And, I don't like football so much, I'm a baseball girl! I don't care too much for cranberry sauce either. But, I'm big on cherries.


masgblog said...

holy gosh! I am Scorpio too, but I don't like cherries anything or cranberry sauce....I must be anomaly or abnormally or something else.

Jen said...

I got stuffing, "You're the sign most likely to only make a brief appearance at Thanksgiving dinner."

Damn right. In fact, I'm skipping it again this year.

Ok, this reminds me, I just watched a documentary video from Peta's site on a Butterball brand turkey factory... they went undercover to work there and yeah... it was horrible. This is why I hate Peta, dude. I don't wanna see it!! I can barely even read these stories, let alone watch the grizzly footage and gruesome commentary. Peta's marketing strategies are meant to SHOCK, SHOCK, and DISGUST. I hate that, it's not the right way to convey a message!

Okay, I totally went off on a tangent.

Mikala said...

I know, PETA is a little too "extreme" for me. I can't stand to see that stuff either. Like that whole Pam Anderson/KFC debacle - I think I'm better left ignorant.

It'll be my first Turkey Day without any Turkey! :0) Are you proud of me?

Skittles said...

I got green bean casserole.. how did they know??

Mikala said...

That's you do the green bean casserole thing?

My mom, Libra like you, does green bean casserole every year. Then again, she cooks the whole meal every year, so I guess everything could be attributed to her. :0) Go mom!

Twisted Sister said...

***Thanksgiving Horoscope for Sagittarius***

You're the sign most likely to really enjoy the holidays with your family.

Your signature dish: Jello salad

Your signature dessert: Cranberry tart

This holiday: Spend time with everyone's least favorite family members. You have a knack for getting along with anyone.

Hmmmmm.......This is so me with the exception of cranberry tart. I love jelled cranberry and I also love cranberry juice but not a tart.

Jen said...

Dude, watch out for the stuffing too. :( Sometimes there is real turkey in the stuffing. Even the Stove Top!

Dude, I bought myself some Tofurky slices and I'm gonna have me a tofurky sammich for T-day! I'm really excited because I found this brand of soy turkey that ACTUALLY tastes like turkey and not tofu. YUM!!

Mikala said...

Yeah, I can't do stuffing because my momma puts sausage or hamburger or something in it. I just know I can't have it! :0)

I don't know if I'll be able to go that far. I'm really not feeling that brave yet (on the tofu stuff).