Friday, November 24, 2006

Who'da Thunk?

I love these quizzes and I love dogs, so I took the "What Common Breed of Dog Are You" quiz and the description attached to my results closely resembles me and my personality. I don't know much about Malamutes though, anyone out there know much about them? Does this description match the typical Malamute personality? Maybe I want one.

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Skittles said...

I'm a horse. This is funny because although I admire their beauty I'm so afraid to be near one!

Mikala said...

Really? You're scared to be near horses? Any bad experiences or anything?

I LOVE them! I'm alway the moron downtown petting the horses (ya know, because you can get rides in a horse-drawn carriage) and talking to the drivers. J gets annoyed with me after baseball games. :0)

Kiyotoe said...

i have two alaskan malamutes and some of this sounds accurate. They are very friendly and affectionate to their daddy. Brave? uh-uh. Not mine anyway.

Very spoiled (but that's probably my fault). The part about not breaking their spirit sounds right and they NEED attention for all to be well in their world.

Doesn't sound too bad does it?

Mikala said...

Kiyotoe, I might have to look into this. And, there's nothing wrong with spoiling your pooches (I take my dog for spa treatments). Sick? Yeah, I know.