Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bestest Blog

Okay, in an attempt to have Bobby from Bestest Blog of All-Time stop by my blog, I have done just what he asks - I created this post titled "Bestest Blog".

I know a lot of you already visit Bestest Blog of All-Time, but if you haven't, you should stop by and browse. I think it's the second blog on my "My Fix" list to the right. It's a nifty site. You can nominate blogs for Bestest Blog of the Day and you can use the "Random Blog" button to surf the blogs that have joined Bobby's blogroll. This "Random Blog" button is much better than Blogger's "Next Blog" button because you don't get a bunch of foreign blogs (blogs that are in a different language other than English) and because it's just like a little community of friends. And, if you make a donation, becoming a Premium Blog, your blog appears in the "Random Blog" rotation more frequently. Plus, Bobby offers a 25% referral for anyone that refers another blogger who becomes a Premium Blog. Why not join? I did. I love it.

Be sure to stop by today! You won't be disappointed - I promise.

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