Monday, December 18, 2006

Crazy Weekend

So, I had a busy weekend - I mean, it wasn't rush around busy, just didn't have time to lay around. Saturday, I woke up and had breakfast. Then, I had already decided to paint the doors in our house. So, from about noon to 7:00 pm, I painted doors (and I'm not done yet). Then, I did some Christmas stuff - wrapping, cards for the girls at work, etc. I finally got to sleep.

Then, Sunday, I woke up and had to be at my parents' house by 1:00. My mom, uncle and I went shopping for my uncle's girlfriend. I also shopped for J so I had some stuff to send him to open on Christmas morning (since he won't be home). I kept the original presents I bought for him here so that he has stuff to open when he gets home too. I miss him and I'm starting to have a really hard time with it. But, I digress.

My uncle treated my mom and I to this awesome Mexican restaurant in St. Louis called Hacienda. I love, love, love this restaurant. We ate and then headed to the Devil's Playhouse (aka Wal-mart). I bought a few things and we headed back to my mom's. I stayed there until about 7:00 so that we could pack J's box up to send. We got it sent off.

I ran home, put my stuff away from out in the car and started getting ready for work this morning. You know, laundry, lunch, etc.

But, that was my boring arse weekend. Kind of a useless post, huh? Sorry I couldn't be more interesting guys.

I've been kinda depressed lately (most likely because J's been gone so long) and I haven't really had much to say. I regret that, but what can I do?

I know I've been promising you my next installment of "The Gangs of St. Louis", but it probably won't be until later this week or this weekend. I'm sorry, the holidays have started to monopolize my time. Damn holidays! JK I love the holidays!

Talk to you peeps later!


Skittles said...

Whew... you did a LOT!!!

Mikala said...

Yeah, and I felt it this morning! I'm beat! I can't wait until this weekend (I'm off on Friday!!!).

Ireland said...

WOW, you did do allot. I went to Wally World and I swear I'll never go back...after Christmas maybe. I got my eye on one of them plasma T.V's. Me has to have one!!!
The internet was my friend this parking space fights and no long lines. YAY!
Sorry your sweetie isn't with you
When your done painting your house, ya think ya wanna come to Cali. and help me paint mine! Argggg


Twisted Sister said...

You were busy girl! I hope your depression lifts soon! J will be home before you know it and you'll be tickled pink. ;)

(((thinking of you)))