Monday, December 11, 2006

Ireland's Kitty

I just read one of the blogs that I usually read - one of my fixes - and I am infuriated, ready to travel to Southern California to hurt someone!

Read the post entitled "My Kitty" on Ireland's blog.

If, indeed, someone did this to her kitty, I am seriously pushing for jail time. If someone can do this to a kitty, who's to say they'll stop there? I mean, what in the hell can a cat do to deserve that kind of treatment? Man, I'm so frickin' angry that I can't see straight.

Okay, I'm going to calm down now.

Ireland, I am sooo very sorry for Little Man. I hope he gets better and let me know if you need anything whatsoever.


Skittles said...

If you go to California.. I'll go, too! Man that pisses me off. Poor kitty :(

Ireland said...

Awhhhhhh Mikala,

Thank-you for your sweetness! I thought I was the only one so extremely pissed off that this happened to my lil' guy. Who could do such a thing to this cutie!


You always have a place to stay if you ever want to come out to So Cal.


Ireland said...

psssss, I tried to post a pic but it aint workin!

Twisted Sister said...

I was also infuriated that someone would hurt an animal like that. I'm ready to hop on a plane and kick some human ass for doing that to Little Man.