Thursday, January 04, 2007

McGwire Ball Juiced!

I'm sorry guys, I know I said no baseball talk until April, but I'm about fed up with people.

In this article, some morons in the medical field are saying that the ball that Mark McGwire hit his 70th homer with was juiced (or rubber, meaning it would travel further with less force).

Okay, now, I'm not getting into the whole "Did Big Mac use steriods or not" argument because I think it's a moot point. Barry Bonds surpassed his record (yes, I know, he's been accused of using steriods too), so who the heck cares now? Granted, the man probably did take steriods, but I'd be willing to bet, several baseball players did. Anyway, my point is...when are they going to give up? When are they going to leave Mark McGwire alone?

And, which is it, was he juiced or was the ball juiced (or were they both juiced)? Why does there have to be a reason as to why he broke Roger Maris's Homerun record? Why couldn't he just have been talented enough to do so?

Let's just leave it alone already. I know he's up for HOF for the first time this year, but I'm going to assume he won't make it. His whole career has been tarnished by the Steriods scandal (which might I say that Jose Canseco annoys me - I can see writing a book about himself, but why bring other people into it? Arse!), so I can't imagine they'd vote him in on the first try. We'll see.

And, did it ever occur to anyone that homeruns aren't just about strength. It's about skill. A batter can't hit a homer if he doesn't have the hand-to-eye coordination or the skill to read the balls coming at him.

Now, I don't care to hear anyone's opinion on the Mark McGwire Steriods scandal (unless it's positive for him - jk), so keep those comments to yourself. I'm just posting because it irritates me that no one can leave this man alone. It's over, it's been said and done. Move on already.


Ann M. said...

If everyone was pitched the exact same type of ball that year, nobody has an unfair advantage. So why are they singling him out specifically? Just because they have the ball? That's not fair. Unless they have proof that the man replaced the regulation ball with one of his own, I really don't care. It's mean and they should leave him alone. From everything I've heard, he is a really nice man, and since he's not playing anymore, I don't see why they can't just let him be.

Linlee said...

If they want to accuse him then why didn't they test him when he was playing? At this point it's too late and they should leave the man alone!

Linlee said...

Btw- sorry for my lack of comments lately. I am reading just haven't had any good comments!

Sparky Duck said...

The ball was juiced? That would not be a shock, since MLB is always looking for a way for people to get to pay attention to them between May and September

Jen said...

Okay, you said baseball and I kinda zoned out. Lol... But that is a crazy story. Frankly, I don't care if athletes wanna use steriods or not. It should be their choice and nobody's business. I guess it's considered cheating though, so maybe I have no idea what I'm talkin about.

Jen said...

Oops, I was logged into the wrong gmail account!! Here's my blogger one, ooopsies.

Jen said...

I really need to stop leaving 10 different comments. If I would just stop and think for 2 seconds I would realize that I have more to say and not submit so many comments... maybe just one huge one.

Anyway. Both you and Tiffany said you would try and help out moderating What the Blog!? which is really awesome of you guys. I was hoping one or both of you would, cuz I trust you two the most. Anyway, as soon as I get home and figure out how to give you two permissions, I will email you with your access information and/or passwords. I dunno how that works yet, since my personal blog and wtBlog!? are on the same account. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks (in advance) for your help!


Mikala said...

Oh, it's okay, I'm a comment whore, so I'll take them however I can get them. :0)

You know, I always wondered that - about giving permission to one of your blogs and not the other.

I'm outrageously excited to help, is that sad?

Ummm...oh yeah, and regarding steroids. I don't really give a crap if athletes use them either. I mean, what's the difference between that and if one guy works out 18 hours a day because he has the time to do that. That gives him the same type of competitive advantage - wouldn't you think? I mean, I know all of the medical reasons why they shouldn't, and I know it leaves a bad impression on kids...but what the heck? Okay, if I don't just stop now, I'll go on for a good

Mike said...

I don't know if he took steroids or not, but the last time I saw Mark, he looked terrible. Just a shell of the guy I saw playing ball.

Jen said...

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Later chica!