Tuesday, February 27, 2007

World Champions Return!

Okay, so you guys won't care for this, but my baseball posts are going to start up soon. The Cardinals are down in Jupiter, FL. for Spring Training and they're in Exhibition Play now. Now, I'm not normally too big on Spring Training because the guys really don't give it their all in Spring Training...so the REAL baseball posts might not start to heat up until April 1 - when we open our season with the frickin' Mets!

Here's our Spring Training Schedule if you're interested:

On a related note, I'm sort of bummed that we have Eli Marrerro back (we had him a few years ago too and now he's back with us this season) - I met him and wasn't too fond of him. Now, J tried to make me understand that it was because the guy couldn't speak English, but I still think he was a jerk (but, I gladly took his autograph anyway).

Let's see what else, oh, they're trying to turn my little man, Wainwright, into an opener and that makes me nervous. I really, REALLY liked him as a Closing Pitcher. But, I GUESS I'll let LaRussa manage his team...I'm pretty certain he knows more about baseball than I do, but I sure do like to chime in.
Alright, so Jen...just ignore any posts that have the "The Cards" label.


Jenny said...

LOL. Okie! :D Thanks for the warning.

But hey now, you have to post equal amounts Cards-posts and Jen-posts. It's only fair... to me. :P

Just kidding, I still read the baseball posts, I just don't retain the info very well!

LaWhossa and Marrewhatta?!

Jen!! said...

Sweet, now I can leave comments as myself!

Not that I wasn't myself before, but it wasn't my blog account self.

Reba said...

My parents get to go to spring training.

I have to make sure that I get to lots of games this year. With the move I probably won't get to later years.

star8278 said...

Unrelated to this post, but...

thanks for your comment on my letter to the Ex.

I think you should write yours. Don't send it until you are ready. But definitely write it. It helps soooo much!!!!

tiffany said...

is it time for us to start fighting about baseball already?

Mikala said...

You betcha Tiff!