Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Okay, so we leave for Hawaii at 6:00 am on Sunday and I'm sooo excited!!! I want to leave now!!! There's so many things I want to do there - I'll never get it all done!

So, I'm bummin' about the Cardinals right now...I pray to God they win tonight. Plus, if they do win tonight, we have tickets to tomorrow's game! I have a monster headache right now - one of those ones that feels like your head will explode if you cough, yawn or sneeze - and of course, right now is my season for coughing every two minutes! Plus, I just ran to the bathroom to throw up - luckily the bathroom is close to my office!!! Rough day.

I'll tell you what, if I'm sick for Hawaii, I'll be a really pissed off chicky! I'll go home and rest tonight - I get off at 3:30 and I can't wait!

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