Friday, October 15, 2004

Let's Party!

I'm so friggin' excited! I can't believe the Cards are steamrollin'! I love it! I can't wait until the World Series, but I'll be in Hawaii then - ugh! Too bad, I was gonna get tickets! Anyway...the score was 6-4 Cards and that means we take a 2-0 lead over the Astros! I love it!

Okay, I'll calm down now...
I got a new cell phone last night - I like it a lot - it's the Motorola V400, it's very cool, does lots of stuff. I'm trying to get J to get one but, we'll see.

I'm so happy it's Friday, I'm TIRED! But, I still have to get up early tomorrow morning for the Croptoberfest I'm hosting! I'm kinda excited for that. Okay, I'm freezing...

It's Diversity Day here at work and there's so much food, it's ridiculous! I guess I'll have to speak French and German all day. Oh wait, there's Irish in there somewhere, so English will work too! Okay, I'm going to hit the kitchen for some food! Later!

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