Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Animal Abusers!

While I wrote my post about Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter, I came across something I had written quite a while ago. I can't really remember when it was written, maybe in July sometime, but I thought I'd post it.

Okay, this is going to be a REAL rant! Something has to be done about people that abuse animals. They need to get jail time, lots of it. I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out why someone would want to hurt a defenseless animal.

On the news the other night, I heard about a cat in Barnhart that was shot with an arrow. Come on, why a cat? What could that cat have possibly done to deserve that? The cat survived; his owner took him to the vet to have surgery to remove the arrow, but what about the sicko that shot him? I mean, I feel like finding this guy and shooting him in the a$$ with an arrow! I am overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and pure disgust when I hear about stuff like this. I know I cry a lot, but I cried for a good 5 minutes over the cat. I just think how can you possibly look at a cute, defenseless, furry animal and shoot it? How? I want to know what goes through a person’s head when they do that. It makes me think about the little, baby ducks and geese that were found in my parents’ subdivision with arrows and darts stuck through them. I cried for a long time after that happened too. (*On a side note to the parents of the kids that did that - get your kids some help, that is how Jeffrey Dahmer started - get a CLUE).

Why can’t people just look at animals and admire them, why do they have to hurt or kill them? I know some animals can be pests, but it’s not like they intend to annoy you, that’s just nature.

I don’t know, I should probably seek psychiatric help about this because I am 100% certain that I like animals more than I like people. I’m definitely not a people person, but I could and would do anything for animals. For example, there was a hawk flying around above our yard (when we lived with my parents) one day and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I saw the little squirrel that was scared stiff in the middle of the yard. I was so scared that the hawk would swoop down and take the squirrel away like that crazy creature on the movie Jeepers Creepers. I wasn’t going to let that happen – I quickly ran outside by the squirrel, which oddly didn’t move one inch when I did that. My intentions? I was going to keep the hawk from getting the squirrel. I know they do it out of instinct and to survive; I know that hawk will just eat some other animal, but I couldn't stop myself. Yes, I know the hawk is an all important animal too, but seeing that squirrel scared stiff threw me into panic mode. So, I go out there and get right next to the squirrel. The poor little thing was so scared that I was able to pet him! Yeah, how many times has a squirrel let you pet it? Well, I scared the hawk off and the squirrel was finally able to run up a tree! My point? Well, I would never do that for a human. I don’t stop for stranded motorists (because of the “good people” post – God only knows if they’re really stranded or if they’re a serial killer); I don’t go out of my way to help people out, but I do go out of the way for animals. There are tons of stories about me trying to save animals that I could never write them all down. To vaguely list them: the field mouse in our garage, the bird stuck in the pool, the bird with the broken wing, Koko, and the bunnies attacked by a dog.

Like I said, I think I need to seek psychiatric help. Plus, the only charities I give to involve animals. I recently gave money to the St. Louis Humane Society for Charlotte, a Chihuahua that had a plastic tie wrapped around her neck. Her neck & head swelled to the size of a grapefruit. I gave money to the Pitbull who had his ears cut off, I give money to the Zoo, I give an annual check the Humane Society of Missouri and I always give that extra $1 to PETsMART when I'm paying at the register.

ATTENTION ALL ANIMALS ABUSERS (aka SICKOS): LEAVE. ANIMALS. ALONE! Just remember, Karma does exist and what goes around comes around.

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