Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter"

First off - before I even start, "crocodile" is one of those words that doesn't look right when you type it. I kept looking at it thinking I spelled it wrong, but it's right. that I've cleared that up.

I know I am late in talking about this, but Steve Irwin's death really bothered me. This is the first time I've ever really been choked up over a "celebrity's" death. Yeah, I was sad when Princess Di passed away; I was sad to see Chris Farley go; but, this time I actually cried. I loved Steve Irwin and not because of his show and not because he hunted crocs, but because he genuinely loved all animals (even the ugly ones - bugs and spiders and the like). He knew so much about animals. I used to watch his show in amazement because he knew things about animals that you couldn't learn in a classroom or even at the zoo. He knew things that some Zoologists would give their right leg to know. He knew things that proved he loved all animals. This man's life was all about animals, he grew up with his father teaching him and he was going to raise his kids to know animals the way he did. He lived his life for and with animals.

At the Hunter's memorial service, his father urged the attendees not to grieve for his son, but for the animals, for they had lost "the best friend they ever had". I truly believe that and it breaks my heart.

By now, you all know how much of an animal enthusiast I am and there are only two human beings on the planet that I admire in the Zoology world and they are Jack Hanna and Steve Irwin. They both exhibit the kind of knowledge of animals that I could only dream of having. I guess, I am still shocked that Steve is gone and it will take a while for it to settle with me.

My heart and prayers are with his family, his country and all the animals that he cared so deeply for.

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