Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Go Cards!!!!!

Okay, I'm getting very upset with the Cards and I can't tell if it's TLR I'm ticked at or the team as a whole. TLR has lost us a few games by throwing Izzy in - those are games that we could have used to gain a larger lead than we already have (1 1/2 games is just not enough for me). I'll tell you right now, if TLR sends Izzy in tonight, I'll lose it.

So, we're going to the game tonight, but we're not in our seats, we're in the BOA Club. My parents haven't been to a game at the new stadium yet, so I thought I'd treat 'em. I've decided that I gotta get out there and yell and cheer my butt off. I gotta let the Cards know it's okay to start winning games! Red means go!

Now, it may sound like I'm discouraged or a fairweather fan, I know - I get angry and lash out. But, I'm a true Cards fan, and I'll be there in my left field bleacher seats next year no matter what happens this year. Shoot, we'll be season ticket holders for the rest of our lives. J and I love the Cards and we're there to cheer or cry with them!

That being said, Let's Go Cards! Let's win tonight!

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