Friday, September 15, 2006

Good Samaritan Drivers

I know I’m hyperactive and irritable at most times, but what is it with these people that think they can slow everyone down by getting in the passing lane and doing EXACTLY the speed limit or less? I had a friend tell me that one of her parents’ friends does that. She wants to slow the speeders down, so she takes her happy arse over to the passing lane of the highway and does about 55 (in a 60 mile an hour zone). I don’t understand the logic of that. Doesn’t it ever occur to them that if I want to speed, I’m going to do it and they can’t stop me? Doesn’t it ever occur to them that if I am speeding and I come up to them in the passing lane, I will get frustrated and zip around them? Don’t get me wrong, I know that your response time is diminished when you speed, but if someone is making me switch lanes because I have to go around them when they are in the “PASSING LANE”, I would think that makes it more likely for an accident to occur. Let me just say, if I am speeding and I want to risk getting a speeding ticket, LEAVE ME ALONE, you can’t control me and the harder you try, the worse I drive – so get a clue and STAY. OUT. OF. THE. PASSING. LANE!!!!!

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