Friday, October 06, 2006

Cardinals (2-0) Heading Home!

Oh, it's a wonderful Friday! Why, you ask? Because the Cards won again!

First and foremost, what is wrong with the Padres that they can't execute a rundown? I mean, that's gotta be one of the easiest plays to make and they screwed it up. Now, I absolutely LOVE Albert (I know, what St. Louisan doesn't), but he's kinda slow - he's definitely not a sprinter. The fact that he was able to stay safe during that play amazes me.

Before I get yelled at, let me just say, I do like the Padres and I have great respect for David Wells, the Padres' veteran Pitcher (yesterday may have been his last game). They are a great team and they had a better regular season record than we did. J always says, "the postseason is a whole new season".

I am growing rather fond of Wainwright. He's another one of our pitchers that I don't cringe at when I see him running out to the mound. Weaver did wonderfully yesterday and I'm glad he could walk away with a win. Wells made a comment that a lot of his guys were "licking their chops" with Jeff up there pitching - I'm just pumped that Weaver didn't give them any credibility.

Belliard, as usual, was there to win and like I said before, I'm starting to love this guy. He is just genuinely happy to be a Cardinal and I love watching players like that. Keep up the good work Ronnie!

I love seeing Jimmy in the game and I hope he continues to do well - he needs to keep it up with the RBIs. Albert, well, I don't have to worry about him (did you see how little of that ball he clipped in the 4th?) Although, there is one person I'm sort of worried about - it's Rolen. Now, I'm a Rolen fan, but I haven't seen much out of him this postseason and I miss it. I know Rolen's grounder advanced Pujols to third, but I want some RBIs. However, I am confident that he'll make a larger contribution in this postseason and I look forward to seeing that.

I think I am the only one, that I know of, that was happy to see Juan Encarnacion join the Cards. It's not like he's our Ace, but he does well and you're never surprised to see him hit a double like he did yesterday (well, at least, I'm not). Granted, he was tagged out at the plate, but I'm all for Encarnacion and I know he can earn some runs for us in the postseason.

And, am I crazy or has TLR just been making some great decisions in the last week or so? It all started with the gamble to keep Carp out of the final, regular season game and all of these decisions have paid off.

I fully expected to see the Padres walk away with at least one run, but TLR and the team wasn't having that. I love it.

So, we're headed home as the favorite to close out the DS and for our very first playoff game in our new stadium! As we all know, we only need one more win to take this series and I know we can do that - especially with two chances at home. I'm comfortable with Suppan opening on Saturday and, hopefully, we'll take the sweep Saturday and have a few days off.

Til Saturday!

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