Friday, October 06, 2006

Koko's Fraternal Twin!

Seriously, could this dog be any cuter? I was wandering around and I came across this absolutely ADORABLE picture. I am specifically drawn to this picture because Kokobean [one of my many nicknames for Koko] does this ALL THE TIME!

I am absolutely bound and determined to get a pic of Kokobean like this so that I can prove it. So, I'll be stalking her this weekend. I'm sure I'll be somewhat similar to the paparazzi trying to get a picture of the elusive Suri!

In other news, J leaves for New York tomorrow morning (for work) and that means I won't be going to the game tomorrow. J says this is okay because, in his exact words, "we only have the one game left in the series tomorrow". Do you think he's confident that we'll sweep the Padres for the second postseason in a row? It'd be superfantastico if he were right, because then, the Cards would have a few days off (waiting for the other series to finish) and we'd be ready for the NLCS. Plus, J comes back Wednesday and maybe we'll be able to make some games for the NLCS. Man, how I love season tickets!

Tomorrow, my parents are coming over to help me get the front yard straightened up. My house is such a mess in the front and I can't stand it. My dad's going to dig all of the existing landscaping out so that I can start fresh with whatever landscaping I want. Plus, I finally talked J into getting one of those white vinyl fences for the backyard. How exciting...and expensive.


Twisted Sister said...

Koko is a beautiful doggy and so is the picture of the pup. I say that everyone should bring their brooms to the Cardinals game cause I feel a "sweep" coming on!

Jen said...

Awww!! I hope you do get that pic of Koko doing the sad-face. Lol, so cute.