Monday, October 09, 2006


So, I found another creepy show that I like on Showtime. It's called Dexter and it's about a serial killer that works in Forensics (basically, for the police) and kills all other serial killers. He won't kill anyone that isn't genuinely bad, but he's real weird anyway. I love this show now. I'm certain the show won't last very long, but it's very interesting. Am I a freak? J even told me he saw a preview or something for it and he thought that I'd like it a lot. Seriously, am I freaky?

Anyway...we had a productive Saturday. When I say "we", I should probably say my dad had a productive Saturday. J left for New York Saturday morning and then my parents came over. We were all going to work on the front yard but, my mom and I ended up going to Home Depot and buying (along with tons of other stuff) this new front door:

When we returned my dad had completely cleared the island in the front (he dug out all of the old bushes and piled most of the rock in one big pile). Mom and I were pleasantly surprised. Then we helped him shovel all the dirt and rock out - man, that's some hard work. I don't envy any landscaper. It does look very nice though. Then, we put my new front door on and also put on a new porch light. It all looks so nice. I will end up painting the front door black, I'll try to get some pictures when everything is said and done (will most likely be a while from now). But, like I said, a very productive Saturday. But, yesterday, I was in so much pain from shoveling all day Saturday that I didn't do anything - it hurt too bad. I guess I'm out of shape. Whodda thunk?

Oh well, I thought I'd update you on my weekend. Kinda boring, I know. I'm not all that interesting. I couldn't get a pic of Koko making the "Princess Di" face, but I'll be honest - I didn't even try. I swear I'll get it though.

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Linlee said...

You're new door looks great! I like it.