Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Officially a Nutjob

Okay, so, while I was making my daily internet rounds I came across this article on MSN. It's about Jennifer Wilbanks, the Runaway Bride. Now, I do not condone what she did, I thought it was very stupid and immature - I mean, grow a pair and tell the geek you don't want to marry him. Why run away? I mean, you have to keep in touch with family, right? So, was her plan to make her family tell this geek, we'll call him John Mason, that she doesn't want to marry him?

Anyway, that's all besides the point. I just wanted to say that I am now 100% certain she is a nutjob. Before, I figured, "okay, she just wanted out and didn't know how to do it (with the whole town watching)". Now that she's suing him, I'm thinking - "what an asstard". I mean, you didn't want the whole town watching you dump him or you didn't want them all at your wedding because it made you too nervous, you didn't like the whole country in your business when you were caught, but now it's okay because it looks like you finally got the guts enough to do something? Ugh! If that was my motive (which she claims it was "personal issues", but surely didn't specify which to me means she didn't want everyone in her business), then why would you have the nerve enough to sue the guy for $500,000 when you were FINALLY out of the public eye? Why wouldn't you just try to settle with him? I guess I just don't get it - I suppose she DOES like the attention, she must strive on it. She's a weirdo - her eyes say it all!

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Twisted Sister said...

I know I'm a nutcase but she really has me beat. She's got brass balls is all I can say.