Monday, October 16, 2006

Even Stevens

Warning: This post will seem to ramble because I can't keep my thoughts straight - I have so much angst from last night's game. So...

The Cards were pounced on like a Wildebeest by a Crocodile! Mets take game 4, 12 to friggin' 5! We were absolutely fine until they hit 6 runs in one ridiculous inning. That's what I get for saying that the most they had scored in the NLCS so far was 6, I'll keep my big, ole, fat mouth shut.

Yadi has been on fire in this series and, oh, how I love seeing that.

And, can I just say that I canNOT stand that guy that pitches sideways - it's almost illegal because he, pretty much, pitches underhanded (can anyone say softball?)

Regardless, congratulations to the Mets for an amazing win. I tried being superstitious and wearing the same jersey and bracelet that I wore Saturday night - apparently, that doesn't work. I've been trying to wear my Edmonds jersey a lot since God knows what they'll do with him after this season - his contract is up in 2007. I can't imagine any reason we'd get rid of him, but Cardinals management and ownership has done crazier things.

Tonight, we have Weaver and Glavine pitching - so it'll be a close game. I'm still 100% confident that we can take Game 5 and head back to New York for the clinch. The series is tied 2-2.

Go Cards! Go Weaver!


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