Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Say Starve Her!

Okay, sorry guys, but I'm so GOSH DARNED PISSED I can't control myself! Read this and tell me this woman shouldn't be shot in the head! I just wish they'd get her in custody and then starve her for a few weeks - let her see what it's like to be dehydrated and starving!

What is wrong with people, I'm serious - I want to know! Tell me so I can fix it!

And, before you all say anything about the whole "St. Louis was named the Most Dangerous City in the Country" thing, this happened in Illinois - right across the Ole Miss.


Twisted Sister said...

Somebody needs to take that bitch out behind the barn and beat the pure hell out of her, leave her there to have no food and water for say a month. That really pisses me off to no ends. I really don't understand how they can say that one city is more dangerous than another. There is frikkin crime and killings on every corner in every city. I hate it when they put certain cities in "Most likely to be killed in."

If if makes ya feel any better the city that I live near was number six on the "most dangerous".

Jen said...

Wow, I wish that bail was higher too. I hope she gets what she deserves, seriously.

Polly said...

These stories are so upsetting. I can not fathom someone mistreating animals – seriously, they would have been better off turned out of the house to be picked up by animal control. I have that people do get convictions for this, and I seriously hope this woman is one of them. My rule of thumb is that if a person can not be kind to animals, they are likely to mistreat humans, too.