Tuesday, October 31, 2006

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Spells Halloween!

Do you all remember that song? We used to sing it in Music class in grade school and I loved it! Lawd, I miss grade school and I miss music class, art class and school holiday parties the most! Maybe I should be a teacher - then I could make these memories for kids...but hold on, I have to rant for a few minutes...

It dawned on me this morning that Halloween just isn't any fun as an adult. I used to love Halloween, I mean who wouldn't love the holiday directly after their birthday? But, this year, I figured out that it's just another day for adults and that's a total bummer. We don't have costume contests at work (which would be totally cool if we did), we don't bob for apples, we don't do anything fun! Why? Because, as J would say, EVERYONE IS A STICK IN THE MUD!!!

Why are some schools and towns calling Halloween "Black and Orange Day"? Can you honestly tell me that a holiday in which kids dress up in costumes and run from house to house and ask for candy really offends someone? I mean, if it does - GET A LIFE!!!! When are people going to quit bitching just for the sake of bitching? I'm really irritated by this because my kids won't have the same Halloween memories I had as a kid. My grade school had a Halloween Night (I don't remember what it was called though) - they had games and booths set up, they had apple bobbin', they had a haunted house complete with spaghetti guts and grape eyeballs, they had costume contests - God they had it all! It was the best night. Now, I'm afraid schools will quit doing this kind of stuff because Joey's mom is afraid her kid will have nightmares because he crawled through the spaghetti gut and grape eyeball haunted house. Come on!! When are people going to quit turning their kids into PANSIES!!!????!!! I think it's utterly ridiculous. I guess I'll have to do all of it at my house for my kids because I don't think they should miss out on this stuff!

I mean, I was scared of everything as a kid - I mean, I was scared of Santa Claus for Christ's sake - and I wasn't traumatized by the school haunted house. Shoot, I wasn't even traumatized by Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhies or Michael Myers. GET REAL PEOPLE!!!


Twisted Sister said...

Black and Orange day? OMG, I'm gonna puke now. It is Halloween and it always will be. If my son were still little we'd be out and about knocking on doors. I even taught him the old Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat song. LOL

I share your rant. ;)

Jen said...

It's not only that, but they are making all the decorations and shows about halloween so cutesy. Like all the smiley happy witches and anime-style pumpkin faces and Casper-esque ghosts that just wanna say 'hi!'... I remember decorations being scary as hell when I was little. And the shows on tv that night were scary too. Now they play Disney Channel movies and cartoons about sharing your candy and being best friends with happy, lonely goblins. Damnit it's supposed to be scary!!