Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mets 4, Cards 2

So, we have been forced to a Game 7. You all will be surprised to hear that I went to sleep last night at around 8:00, therefore missing 95% of the game. I wasn't feeling well and I am at home sick today. My voice is almost gone, my eyes were swollen shut and I have nasal and chest congestion. So, I don't have much to write about the game last night except that the Mets came to fight last night and we didn't. Congrats to the Mets! Nice game - I told you all that Jose Reyes was a wily charachter! We'll see you tonight. It's a do or die for both teams. Game 7's are always the best games to watch and hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for it tonight.


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