Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogosphere, I Apologize...(and ramble at the same time)

I have to apologize to those of you that read my blog (the few of you there are) and aren't too, terribly, interested in sports - ahem, Jen. I realized that I haven't really written much else except Cardinals-centered posts. Truth be told, my whole life is centered around the Cardinals right now and it, most likely, will be for the rest of October. I will try to act like there is a world outside the St. Louis Cardinals from now on - as hard as it may be, I will do that for you :0) If you all cheer and pray that the Cards win tonight, I'll have a couple days off since the World Series doesn't start until Saturday. **Hint, Hint**

Tonight should be pretty interesting because I'm going to have to find a way to flip back and forth between the game and Lost (our TiVo is acting up - or we just can't get it working right since we bought the new TV). It's okay. I can do it, I'm a quick flipper!

On a related Mets vs. Cardinals note, “orange’ must be a hard word for most to pronounce because I hear the word pronounced as “oinge” more than I hear “orange”. What happens to that “r” and the "a"? (How this is related to the Mets vs. Cardinals is because the Mets' colors are blue and “oinge”).

Oh, and this is my 150th post! Woo hoo!


Linlee said...

But you are so good at it. You should be a sports

Reba said...

This is your blog so you can write about whatever you want. I just hope ya don't mind if I maybe skip the sports posts. I am not a big fan either.

OH and as for Lost. Go to and you can watch the episodes on there. Kinda funny since that is what I did a post on.

Jen said...

Omg, congrats on your 150th post!!

(I don't think I even have 50 yet... I'm such a newbie.)

Lol... you're right, I am not into sports :) But I still like the photos of cute ball players. Hah! I'm still a chick aren't I? Plus the above commenters are right, this is your blog... so no apologies!! :P

Dude, wasn't Lost awesome last night?! I hope you didn't miss too much of it while flipping. Jeez, are they ever gonna explain anything?! I'm "Lost"...