Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pissed Again!

First off, read this article. Now, please explain to me why they couldn't call Animal Control or the Humane Society or something to catch this bird? Shooting and killing it was the only answer? I'm so friggin' pissed, it's not funny! I think I might write to that police department and go off on them!

And, are you figgin' kidding me? They're sending the bird's meat to a local pantry? COME ON!!! This all could have gone completely different - they just wanted the meat, why else would that be part of the article? I'm so mad, I think I'm having a stroke!

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Jen said...

Oh man. It happens everywhere!! Check this story out (I just had to cut-and-paste it for ya):

Published Monday
October 9, 2006

"Police kill three cattle on the loose in Omaha"

Police were forced to kill three longhorn cattle that were loose in northern Omaha on Sunday night.

Nebraska Humane Society officers joined Omaha police in trying to corral the animals, which were running near Mormon Bridge Road around 8 p.m.

Calls about them came from near 57th and Potter Streets and Forest Lawn Cemetery.

They were loose for several hours, said Pam Wiese, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society.

She said police decided that the longhorns were creating a safety hazard as darkness approached and decided to shoot them.

Officials have not yet determined where they came from. - Abe Winter

They were "forced" to kill them? They are COWS.