Wednesday, October 25, 2006

World Series Game 3: Cards 5, Tigers 0

Man, I have so much to say about last night's game, so let me get started.

The Carpenter definitely showed up with his tools last night! Chris Carpenter was the Ace that he is and pitched a shut-out 8 innings with crampy thumb and all. I gasped when the trainer was called out to the mound - I thought, "crap, he can't do that to us" and he didn't. He stayed on the mound and pitched another inning with no runs! I'm so happy he was able to contribute to our team in the 2006 World Series since he was injured in 2004. He was excited to start and he proved to be our WMD - little did Bush know that the WMDs were here in St. Louis and New Hampshire (Chris's home state).

My man, Edmonds, showed up with his "A" game too, hitting a two-run double in the bottom of the 4th giving us the lead for the night. I'm pumped that he's continuing to do so well in the postseason. I don't want to see him go in the offseason, so I'm hoping if he does well, we'll keep him on a 1-year basis; at least. I love that guy - eye-liner and all! :0)

Our lineup before Pujols was actually getting on base last night and that's what I like to see - that's what we need. I hate to say this, but I was also happy to see Encarnacion benched. He's been horrible in this World Series and I'd take So Taguchi in Right Field any day. Kiss my Taguchi!

Let me tell you how funny it was to see Carlos Delgado receive the Roberto Clemente Award at our stadium. Like it wasn't bad enough that we beat the Mets out - he had to come to the game anyway. And, look at his bandaged hand. Apparently, he's already had one of his reported offseason procedures - they surely weren't wasting any time. I guess that'll be their excuse as to why he couldn't pull through for the Mets in the NLCS. Is it me, or is that the fakest smile you've ever seen? Funny, funny stuff.

I almost, ALMOST, feel sorry for the Tigers because of that damn 3rd baseman they got - Inge. I'd be so ticked at that guy if he was our 3rd baseman - he's been detrimental to his team. That would, like totally, bum me out. If I were Leyland, I'd be benching that guy.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, Angelina's ex, Billy Bob Thornton, was at the game and he's rootin' for the Cards (he grew up a Cards fan in Arkansas). I saw where he said 1968 was the worst year of his life - he was 12 when we lost the World Series against the Detroit Tigers. I wish I would have known where he was sitting - I would have taken him some "French Fried Potaters, mm hmm"! I love Billy Bob!

Tonight we got Supp pitching against Bonderman - if we aren't rained out. I'm hoping and praying they are wrong about the weather. They originally said that it wasn't supposed to rain until late this afternoon or early evening and it's raining already - so hopefully it dissipates or blows north or SOMETHING.

Okay, I don't think I have anything else to say right now - but you all know I'll probably be back to ramble on about something Cards-related.


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