Thursday, October 26, 2006

That Just Sucked!

All I'll say about last night is that it just sucked. There's nothing like paying $10 to park and $60 for some food and beer to stand in the freezing rain and watch them talk about removing the tarp. If they would have played the game at regular time, at 7:00 pm, we may have gotten enough innings in before it started pouring at 9:15 (which is what time they pushed the game back to). Oh well, we met lots of cool people and hung out at the largest sports bar in town last night.

Apparently, the game was postponed until tonight. But, I just don't see the game being played tonight either. It's just as rainy today as it was yesterday, if not more. It should prove to be interesting. I guess we'll be there anyway - gotta try, right?

I'll leave you with some pictures from last night (these were taken by Mark Newman at Major League Baseball Advanced Media - they're on his 2006 World Series Blog).

In the above picture, I put a yellow square where our season tickets are - out there in left field bleachers.



tiffany said...

i was feeling really bad for you all night last night, but now i just can't get over the fact that you only had to pay $10 to park.

i paid $30 to park for game 3 of the alds.
by a crazy stroke of amazing luck, i ended up parking for free for game 2 on sunday, but i feel i really deserved that because i paid SOOOOOOOOOO much money for my ticket.

anyway--i, too, hope we get to play some baseball soon.
but, looking on othe bright side--baseball season lasting longer = good.

Reba said...

I thought for sure they would play, but the rain delay I guess wasn't a good thing. The early mist did end in a heavy rain. I would have hated to be out in it.

Oh and you might want to check your tickets. They are saying that game 5 is tonight and game 4 is tomorrow. I don't want you to go to the wrong one.

Linlee said...

I thought about you last night as I laid in my comfy bed....jk Will we ever get to play these games? I say they just rule that the Cardinals win because of the tar/dirt incident!

Twisted Sister said...

I thought about you last night when they kept saying the game would be played. Something just told me that the fuckers were lying and you'd be miserable and have to go to a make up game

Twisted Sister said... husband is pulling for Detroit. Only because Todd Jones calls this state "home". I say fuck Todd Jones and Go Cards! ;)