Wednesday, November 29, 2006

6 Weird Things About MeMe!

Okay, do I seriously have to boil it down to just six? This might be hard...

But, regardless, Mike tagged me with the 6 Weird Things About Me, here ya go.

  1. I don't like chocolate, can't stand it - gross! I like hot chocolate though, love it actually.
  2. I love to color - I have tons of coloring books around my house and I'm 29 years old (sorry, it's as cathartic as blogging). I've been found bribing my young nephews to color with me so that I don't look like a real freak. Luckily, J understands my freakiness and accepts it.
  3. I can't eat any red-sauced pasta without rolls. And, I have to stuff my rolls (after removing the insides) with whatever red-sauced pasta I'm eating. I've often thought of opening a restaurant of these types of dishes, but figured most people would think it's gross.
  4. I'm 100% positive that I like animals more than I like people. I have often commented that I'd save an animal in danger before I'd save a human. I am very certain about this too. The only charities I support are animal-related (well, except Cancer Society - since my dad survived Colon Cancer). Okay, fine, I give all kinds of junk to the Goodwill too...but I'm pretty sure that's just so I don't have to throw it away.
  5. My hands canNOT be dirty, sticky or wet. I'll lose my mind over this. There are several dishes that I can't cook because it involves getting my hands dirty. I've been known to wash my hands 15 times a day at work (people are starting to think I'm nuts). Can you spell O-C-D?
  6. I have an abnormal obsession with books, yet I rarely read the millions of books I buy. I'll spend hours in a book store (along with J) and I'll be so excited to buy books. I start books, I get half way through the first chapter and then I never finish because I forget I was reading a book. The sad thing is that my work often has book fairs and I am stuck browsing through great books and I feel overwhelming urges to buy several. Oh man...I'm getting anxiety-ridden at the thought.

Like I said, that was hard. Not because I couldn't think of weird things, but because I couldn't narrow it down to just six. :0)

So, now I have to tag six folks...crapola, who do I tag? I feel bad tagging the same people I tagged earlier for the Christmas Songs MeMe, but I really don't know anyone else. What do you think? Did you say, "who gives a poo"? we go then!

Omaha Jen

Little Miss Sassy

Tiffany - Queen of the World

Dee Snider - aka Twisted Sister

The Windmills of My Mind

Sorry guys - I had to do it, you can handle it, I know you can.


Linlee said...

I do #6 all the time too. I have so many books I don't know what to do with them. Most of them have bookmarks stuck in them still.

tiffany said...

now i have homework!!!???

okay, okay,
i'll get to it sometime tomorrow.

p.s. i'm a little OCD, too. but you can read about that tomorrow...

Mikala said...

Yeah, #6 is an expensive weird thing about me. I think we used 16 LARGE moving boxes for our books when we moved.

And, Tiff, oooh yes, there's homework...

There's nothing wrong with OCD, only the coolest people have it! :0)

Twisted Sister said...

Hey, Did ya know that I'm really a dog? *snicker*

Mikala said...

LOL Dee, you're too much...