Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've Got Quite a Bit More to See

create your own personalized map of the USA

The states I've visited are in red above. I seem to have quite a bit more to see.

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The countries I've visited are in red above. This is even worse, I really need to get out. I've only been to 5 countries - United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and France. That's just sad. What's worse is...I LOVE to travel.


Barb said...

You've been overseas! Wow!

Mikala said...

Yeah, J's cousins and aunts/uncles all live in Germany. So, we try to take a trip over there as often as possible (which has only been once in 7 years)! We're talking about going back soon. He owes me a trip to Austria and the Czech Republic. He also owes me a trip to Ireland, which he's been promising.

I am a nice big mixture of nationalities including Irish, German, Swiss, French and Austrian. Apparently, my ancestors didn't believe in marrying people from the same country. :0) I don't mind though. So, I've been to three of my ancestor's countries, I just need to get Austria and Ireland in there. I'm working on it.

Jen said...

Okay, I did a map too after seeing yours and was gonna post it, but then I saw that I've been to like 5 midwestern states surrounding Nebraska (that INCLUDES Nebraska) and Oregon. That's it. So I felt lame and decided not to post it. LOL.

I need to travel, seriously!!

Twisted Sister said...

You've out traveled me girl!

I love going places, well as long as I have my xanax with me. ;)

Btw, you have great taste in music!

Mikala said...

Oh I LOVE to travel...that our favorite thing to do together (J & I). Jen, don't feel lame. I didn't start traveling until I was like 14 (my parents didn't take us kids anywhere when we were young). And, I hadn't been to Hawaii and Europe until I met J - so I was 22 or 23 before I had been anywhere really cool. So, don't feel're still YOUNG! Bitch.

Jen said...

Lol! I'll take that as a compliment.

Mikala said...

Yeah, it's a compliment. I'm just jealous and when I'm jealous, I get bitter. :0)