Thursday, November 16, 2006

My First Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things J Will Miss/Has Missed While Out of Town
  1. My 29th birthday
  2. Halloween
  3. Shopping for our own Christmas Tree while in our very first house
  4. Shopping for Christmas decorations for our house
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. Putting up the new Christmas tree and decorations (I’m sure he’s happy about this)
  7. Shopping for Christmas presents
  8. Christmas Eve
  9. Christmas Day
  10. New Year’s Eve
  11. New Year's Day
  12. The beautiful cold weather in St. Louis during the holidays
  13. His mom’s birthday

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I completely give up on trying to get my Linkies - it won't work for anything, so I officially give up. I'll just do it manually.

In case you haven't heard. J, my boyfriend of 7 years, is out of town for work. He's a Stagehand and he's working on a show tour in Texas. He left on October 29 and won't return until January 2 or 3 (somewhere in there). I miss him like crazy, but I am not mad at him or his job for being gone. He loves his job and enjoys the work. And, to be honest, I don't mind the alone time so far. It will be hard to be away from him for the actual holidays, but truth be told, he was gone for work last year during the holidays and I got through it just fine. Luckily, I have family that I spend the holidays with and that's just fine with me. Now, bring on the Thanksgiving dinner!


Ranger Tom said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Barb said...

Awww.. so sorry about this!

Tug said...

Wow, that's a lot to miss. Good luck...

Happy TT!

Mom's Secret Life said...

Yow. Well...ok...welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! It's good that you're hanging in there anyway without J in town.

Texas in November and December can be pretty grim, depending on where you are. I'd much rather be in St. Louis.

Cindy said...

Mikala, sorry your bf is missing out on so much! Welcome to the world of Thursday Thirteen. :)

Mikala said...

Don't be sorry Barb, I'll get over it...probably around January 3rd or something. :0)

I like this TT stuff, it's kinda fun. I've already made a list of all the different TTs I can do in the future.

Ya know, I have a friend who lives in Dallas and her exact words were, "Thanksgiving in Dallas blows". Then again, she grew up here in St. Louis and just moved to Dallas a few years ago - so she's used to our Thanksgivings (and used to being with her family in which she's the second youngest of 10 kids). I guess my point is...I have heard that November and December in Texas can be grim. I guess I'm just lucky I'm not down there! :0) Poor J.

Miranda said...

Awww...that sucks. Great list though!

Ruth said...

Welcome to TT. That is a lot of missed holidays. Sucks. Happy TT.

K T Cat said...

Welcome to the TTs! So sorry to hear about all of those missed holidays.

Mine is up.