Friday, November 03, 2006

St. Louis Cardinals Apologize for Winning the World Series

If you haven't read The Onion before, you'd be completely confused as to what half of their articles are about - but The Onion has a staff of the most sarcastic writers in the world. So, just know that when you read something on The Onion, the truth is probably just the opposite of what is being stated. I love it though!

So, this morning I was browsing and found this article where LaRussa and the Cardinals apologize for winning the World Series and for not making sure the Tigers won it.


Sorry guys, I guess I lied about "no baseball talk" until April.


tiffany said...

dear st. louis cardinals,
i do not accept your apology.
tiffany, who is not bitter at all.

Twisted Sister said...

It's okay that ya lied. I think we all tell little white ones every now and again.

Loved the article!